Grand Prix Des Chefs D’entreprise : LittleBIG Connection Awarded Innovation Prize


The 2018 Grand Prix des Chefs d’Entreprise* took place on June 13th 2018 at the prestigious Salons Hoche in Paris. Organized by the French magazine Chef d’Entreprise and the MEDEF -France’s leading network of entrepreneurs, this event saw several directors, including LittleBIG Connection’s founder, Julien Clouet, honored for their innovations which have fostered growth within their companies.

Why does Julien Clouet believe in a different approach to consulting?

LittleBIG Connection’s innovative approach to the consulting market, notably its capacity to connect major groups with smaller players, made it the perfect candidate for the Innovation category. This category rewards SMEs who have grown their turnover thanks to an R&D strategy.


(Julien Clouet takes the bronze at the Grand Prix des Chefs d’Entreprise 2018)


In only five years, LittleBIG Connection boasts a 3-figure growth rate and is present in 10 countries thanks to our 75 employees’ hard work. Our company impressed a jury composed of entrepreneurship experts and took bronze in the Innovation category. All of this is further proof that we are endeavoring to address real problems with effective solutions.

After spending over 10 years making moves in the consulting world, within some of the biggest integrators and SMEs, Julien Clouet realized that the connection between major clients and small providers (consulting companies, freelancers…) needed to be simpler and more fluid, bearing in mind major companies’ flexibility and their ability to innovate. So, in 2013, to combat these issues, faced by both purchasing and project managers, Julien Clouet created LittleBIG Connection. His idea: bring all participants together by offering an apt solution for challenges faced by the major groups, yet one which was also accessible to SMEs and freelancers.


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What is LittleBIG Connection?

LittleBIG Connection is a Source to Pay platform which manages the purchasing of services. It is linked with a social network allowing major clients, SMEs and freelancers in the sector to unite around service requests. The aim is to dispense with successive sub-contracting and reduce intermediation costs by encouraging a simplified and direct relationship between the company and the freelancer whilst simplifying and securing contractualization and administrative aspects.

After the Growth Companies Prize and  Le Top earlier this year, this award showcases our daily commitment to our community and gives us further motivation to keep transforming the consulting world!

Congratulations to the Chef d’Entreprise team as well as MEDEF who put on an evening worthy of the event’s status. It was a roaring success and we were honored to be there. Thank you!


*A French prize ceremony which rewards companies, including startups and SMEs


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