LittleBIG Connection – Prizewinner At Growth Companies Prize 2018


LittleBIG Connection, represented by Jean-Rémy Jacono (COO) and Maxime Serniclay (Business Developer) took part in the 2018 fifth edition of the French Growth Enterprise Awards (GPEC), organized by Leaders League.

The company proudly took the Growth Companies Prize in the “Internet and software B2B and B2C with a €5-20million turnover” category in 2017. Companies were split into three categories according to turnover and there were six criteria for awards:

  • Sustainability and profitability
  • Job creation
  • Development and potential for growth
  • Innovation
  • Social, societal and environmental responsibility
  • Collaborative leadership and management


LittleBIG Connection – Prizewinner At Growth Companies Prize 2018


Well done to the team who work with passion and determination on a daily basis, serving our community of consultants/freelancers, NGEs and key account clients.

This new recognition builds on our success in being invited to the Le Top event earlier this year. This trophy showcases our daily commitment to our community and gives us further motivation to keep transforming the consulting world!

Check out the rankings. [In French].

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