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How to attract the best talents in 2019


Over the past 10 years, technological skills have evolved exponentially, affecting the entire process of purchasing intellectual services and the methods used to hire consultants. The market has become over-competitive, which is not necessarily positive for recruiters, and attracting the best candidates for your project is often difficult. What do you need to focus on in 2019 to hire the right consultant?

Identify your needs and the audience

Starting a project often involves the laborious task of finding independent experts. As skills improve and technologies evolve, this task becomes more complicated.

Keep all the skills required for a project in mind in order to find the ideal consultant for your project. New generations are particularly attentive to what a project entails and the business skills they will have to demonstrate.

As a result, two major challenges arise for operational staff and buyers: finding the best talents and attracting them! In short, it is all about defining the right project and the right pitch.


Be present where the skills are

With the increasing number of technologies now available, it has become even more complex to source resumes, and consultants now have access to an even greater number of platforms to which they can connect. Make sure you join the right one, i.e. the one that has the most profiles matching the skills you are looking for, whether it is a traditional job board like Monster or a new one on the market like Github, Stackoverflow, social networks, etc.!


Innovate to attract innovators

Being attractive to candidates is no longer just about launching a call for tenders with your panel of preferred suppliers and waiting for applications. In today’s world, it has become vital to stand out from the crowd, to show interest in your potential future experts, to highlight their strengths and to gain their interest in the project you are proposing. All of this needs to be done in an individualized way.


Use the power of referrals

Brand reputation needs no introduction, due to its crucial importance for consultants. The employer’s brand image is an aspect that is often overlooked by companies, so it is a good opportunity to stand out. To do so, there is nothing like using your network of professionals to promote you as a quality employer. This can also be done through the Great Place to Work, Top Employers or Universum labels. The challenge of a good employer brand is to establish and maintain good relationships with your consultants before, during and after a project. It is now time for “social”, transparent, personal and lively communication.

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