Commercial Offer

These provisions have no contractual value. Their sole aim is to highlight the range of services proposed by LittleBig Connection (LBC) to their potential co-contractors.

These provisions do not carry any probative value. They cannot be used or produced in legal matters with aims related to the interpretation of the contractual framework which links LBC to its co-contractors.

This list is non-exhaustive and subject to change.

LBC offers a SaaS platform which digitalizes the purchasing process (for clients) and the sales process (for providers) of intellectual services.

LBC offers its services via its platform

1.- Linking service. LBC allows its clients to request via “Call for tenders” , service providers outside their existing panel of preferred suppliers (Freelancers, umbrella companies, service companies etc.). When clients put out a call for tender, LBC provides a contractual intermediation service.

Standard billing:

€60/day + provider’s daily rate

2.- Contractual intermediation. LBC allows its clients to unburden themselves from the administrative and financial management of the business relationships they have with their service providers and to group them all under one intermediary via LBC.

Standard billing:

€30/day + provider’s daily rate

3.- Purchasing management. LBC offers its clients to manage, via one collaborative interface linking project managers and providers, all their intellectual services. From matching to billing, LBC digitalizes existing projects and offers an operational and strategic steering interface for buyers and general management.

Standard billing:

1€/day per digital service provided

4.- Instant payment. LBC offers the option of instant payment to its service providers using contractual intermediation, from the time the activity report is approved.

Standard billing:

Provider’s daily rate – €20/day

5.- Purchasing consultancy. LBC offers its clients various purchasing consultancy services (Sub-contracting studies, panel building, optimization…) Billing for these services depends on the context and deliverables.