The world is changing a LittleBIG fast.
So are we.

A BIG perspective
on the future of work

LittleBIG Connection supports the changing world of work higher and stronger. A LittleBIG Boost that allows us to reaffirm the values we have been upholding since our creation in 2013.

Since 2013, LittleBIG Connection has been working with major French and international companies to propose a new model of collaboration with their external partners (freelancers, expertise companies).

This new model meets a need: to change the world of work and move towards more open, transparent, and fairer exchanges. Exchanges in which the “little” service providers, freelancers and consulting firms have a special place alongside the “BIG” customers, listed companies like SMEs.

At LittleBIG Connection, it is in our DNA to offer the best of both worlds, the technology to facilitate exchanges between clients and providers, and the heart to promote a human collaboration between all these actors.

At the crossroads of these transformations in the workspace, we act daily with our partners to strengthen this collaboration and anticipate future changes.

That is why LittleBIG Connection needed reshaping: to affirm ourselves as a global actor of change, we needed a clear and modern message to spread.

Welcome to the LittleBIG Connection!

Reaffirming our purpose

LittleBIG Connection started from the premise that ways of working can and should change.
Therefore, we thought deeply about our daily commitments, and the vision we share with our clients and partners.
This work has enabled us to put into words the values we have always had in our DNA:

LittleBIG Connection is…

… the platform of the future of work,
an ecosystem that brings together clients, today’s talents and tomorrow’s expertise,
in a simple, fair and open way.

  • Simplicity
    We are committed to providing companies with a single point of access to today’s talent and tomorrow’s expertise without changing the way they are organized.
  • Equity
    More than ever, it is necessary to give everyone the right value of talent and expertise, in complete transparency.
  • Inclusion
    We aim to enable collaboration between all players in the world of work.

A new way to look at the working world

To meet this ambition, we have chosen to develop our brand identity and graphic chart. LittleAlfred,
the 5-legged sheep that has followed us so far, has gone off to enjoy a well-deserved holiday! We are now using a new and more modern graphic system
to clearly express our core values in France as well as internationally.

Three dynamic, modern, and complementary colors that symbolize the diversity of the players of the future of work and that come together harmoniously in a common project.

A logo that says it all. A shape with two messages: as simple as an application and a chat bubble. The roundness of the angles represents our ability to always reinvent ourselves, whereas the square angle embodies our quest to innovate, which is the heart of our project.

A new graphic universe, allowing us to illustrate in multiple ways what drives us daily: to accompany the little and the BIG, with technology and the heart.

Entering the era of the Open Company

LittleBIG Connection fosters the open company, a model in which new synergies are created between all companies, freelancers, consulting firms, in a more open, fair; and simple way.

More than a platform for networking, it is a partner of choice, allowing companies to evolve without disrupting their organizations by collaborating with all forms of expertise around the world.

In short, we help clients and experts to meet the ideal partner while providing them with a complete steering platform to optimally manage their collaboration.

And this, regardless of the contractual form!