Our Latest Customer Workshop: A Step Further Towards Co-creation and Innovation

On March 7, LittleBig Connection organized an exclusive event in Paris for its clients: a product workshop for Rise, our software for managing external service providers. This opportunity for discussion allowed our users to envision our product and its future developments, both in the short and long term. In addition to enabling us to keep our platform closely aligned with clients’ needs, this event is part of a broader approach to co-creation and agility adopted by our product teams every day. Here’s a look back at the highlights of this collaborative approach.

An Exclusive Format for Fruitful Discussions

The event on March 7 took place in a small group setting, allowing everyone to speak and enabling numerous and rich exchanges. The morning began with a demonstration of the latest platform features, followed by the presentation of our 2024 roadmap. Then, two interactive workshops were held, fostering collaboration and innovation. Conversations among participants continued over lunch, facilitating the exchange of best practices.

First Workshop: Testing a Prototype of a Key Feature

The first workshop focused on testing a prototype of a highly anticipated feature by our clients: fixed-price project management. Like the rest of the day, this session was designed to gather as much feedback as possible from clients, who each have very different needs. This attitude of active listening underscores the commitment of the LittleBig Connection teams to create a product that best fits the diversity of procurement processes.

Second Workshop: AI at the Service of Tomorrow’s VMS

The second workshop explored the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance our external service provider management system (VMS). Each group worked on a specific module of the VMS, ranging from tendering to managing listed service providers and reporting. This workshop revealed the innovative spirit of RISE, as AI continues to be at the heart of its development.

Co-creation with Our Clients at the Heart of Our Strategy

Clearly, LittleBig Connection has adopted a methodology based on co-creation with its clients, involving them at different stages of the development of the RISE solution. The management of our product development revolves around an iterative cycle in which users play a significant role. To understand all the stakes, here are the steps in the management cycle of our product where our clients are involved:

#1 Feedback Collection: Through dedicated tools, interviews throughout the year, and strong collaboration with the Customer Success Managers (CSMs) of our client accounts, we continuously collect feedback from our users about the platform to stay up-to-date with the evolution of their needs. The client workshop on March 7 is a concrete example of this stage.

#5 Brainstorming and Solution Testing: Following feedback collection and before committing to the development of a solution, we have it tested by our users who are members of our Beta-tester club. This group offers our clients a multitude of advantages for actively participating in the evolution of our product, from prototype testing to idea exchanges during collaborative workshops. Our iterative approach allows for ideas to be quickly and effectively validated or discarded. Our motto: “Fail fast to learn faster!”

#8 Evaluation and Iteration: Even after launch, our product continues to evolve. Users keep interacting with the product and provide feedback on any problems encountered. With this valuable feedback, we assess user satisfaction, identify potential issues and the need for adjustments in certain features to nourish the next iterations of our product.

The client workshop on March 7 is thus a crucial component of the product management cycle, symbolizing our commitment towards a strategy of co-creation and innovation with our clients.

By placing our users at the heart of our platform’s evolutions, we continue to be at the forefront of tech solutions for the Future of Work. Our ambition remains unchanged: to strengthen the connection between large companies and their external partners, making their collaboration easier than ever.