How Amadeus optimized their supplier panel

More efficient processes and productivity increase

Deployed solution:
LittleBig Rise

“LittleBig Connection gave us the opportunity to grow our panel of 30 suppliers to cover 100% of our needs in Nice R&D site, allowing us to position ourselves more strongly in the market. All this without the additional management burden”

Olivier Chouillou, Category Buyer in charge of Contractors

What were the solution’s objectives?

Streamline the sourcing process

Provide greater flexibility for managing external resources

Rationalize processes using a digital tool

“Digitizing our intellectual service procurement cycle has made our processes more efficient and thus increased our productivity”.

A digital tool to optimize the panel

“In the past, it was difficult to manage several suppliers at the same time, that’s why we had a restricted panel of about ten suppliers that met most of our needs.

By choosing LittleBig Connection, we had the opportunity to expand this panel, while minimizing management related complexities.

Today we are able to submit RFPs to a wider panel in one click, with greater visibility on cost, quality and performance. All vendors receive equal consideration. We have put in place a real strategy.

In addition, keeping track of all tenders issued digitally helps us be more secure and time efficient”.


  • Limited competition
  • Complexity to manage multiple suppliers
  • No record of tenders issued


  • Productivity: internal clients focus on their needs
  • Panel size increased from 10 to 30 suppliers
  • Speed: Quicker response to market needs

A win-win relationship

“We’ve been working with LittleBig Connection since 2018, and since then our needs and scope have evolved nicely… and LittleBig Connection is supporting us!

Today, we are rolling out the solution in India. This requires specific adjustments and developments on which we are working hand in hand.

Our partnership with LittleBig is a success: they are very flexible; the teams are friendly, and we have an excellent working relationship. Moreover, they always respond positively to our suggestions for product evolution or improvement, and we have a strong relationship with the product teams”.

The results are in

30+ suppliers

Panel rationalization: “We have brought in small players to our panel to cover 100% of our needs and better position ourselves in the market”.

From 8 to 2 weeks

Lead time required to register a supplier: “Before, we could register a supplier in 5 to 8 weeks. With LittleBig Connection, we can now do it in only 2 weeks”.

150 hours of work saved by internal clients

“Internal clients optimize their time and deal directly with all their suppliers”.

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