How Parrot eliminated the risk of errors in its intellectual services purchasing processes

Europe’s leading drone manufacturer, Parrot, has strengthened its intellectual services management strategy with LittleBig Connection’s Vendor Management System (VMS): zoom in on the solution’s results.

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Since 1994, the Parrot group has been designing, developing, and marketing high-tech wireless products. Today, Parrot is the leading European group in the rapidly expanding drone market. It currently employs over 500 people worldwide and generates most of its sales internationally. With its visionary and innovative approach, Parrot is actively involved in the entire value chain: equipment, services, and software.

Before using LittleBig Connection’s services, Parrot was using Excel files and emails to manage their supplier panel. Reports were only generated in an Excel format. New processes had to be put in place to help the procurement department, but more importantly, they needed to be less burdensome for operational staff to implement.”

Victor-Louis Destailleur, Head of purchasing

What were the solution's primary objectives?

Streamline interactions 

Between the procurement team, operational departments, and referenced service providers.

Optimize processes  

By automating and simplifying communication between all internal and external stakeholders.

Develop a global vision

By consolidating all projects on a single platform and centralizing all information, from sourcing to payment.

Creating new validation processes to limit the risk of errors

“Thanks to LittleBIG Connection, we now have a robust, multi-layered validation process in place. This provides us with an accurate and manageable tracking system. There is no more room for error. As for the reporting processes, they have not been replaced but adapted thanks to the tool.”

“The new process was designed and implemented on the platform during the preliminary phase of the project. Each employee can now validate the process according to the expense lines associated with the project. All our referenced suppliers were also registered on the platform before the project was launched.” “All purchases are now made in accordance with the group’s intellectual services purchasing processes.”


And the results are in:

  • Cost reduction

Tracking key performance indicators, particularly average daily rate, has allowed us to better manage our expenses, and therefore save money.

“Since the platform’s implementation, the main key performance indicators are related to costs (average daily rate), project duration, purchase order duration and number of consultants on our teams.”

  • Time savings

“Little Big Connection’s platform has saved us time in reporting and monitoring.”

  • Productivity

Every referenced supplier, template, job description, answer to RFPs is now centralized in one place.

“The platform has also optimized the way our staff works by making monitoring easier. Operational managers can now work seamlessly, with requirements, requests and approval workflows centralized in one place.”


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