2023 at LittleBig Connection, summarized in 10 key figures

As we turn the page on 2023, it’s time to unveil our famous annual retrospective! One thing is certain: the past 12 months have been quite eventful at LittleBig Connection. If 2022 was already an excellent year, 2023 was even more special as it marked the 10th anniversary of our company. Let’s review the highlights of our year through 10 key figures.

#1 – €400 million in revenue

While LittleBig Connection continued its growth in 2023, we are not stopping there. We have set the ambitious goal of reaching one billion in revenue by 2026. To achieve this, we have significantly structured our organization while maintaining the agility that defines us, enabling both substantial and sustainable growth.

#2 – 25,000 large account users

25,000 professionals in Purchasing, IT, and various other fields from large corporations, spanning diverse sectors, now use our products daily to manage their projects and mobilize the best talents. Our approach remains highly focused on the needs of large enterprises: 90% of our clients have over 5,000 employees.

#3 – Active in 50 countries

We continued our internationalization throughout the year, especially with our Global Connect offering, allowing us to support our clients in sourcing specialized suppliers worldwide, across more than 50 countries. We now have 25 offices where our teams operate directly, from Montreal to Medellín, Barcelona, Bangalore, and São Paulo.

#4 – 80,000 managed projects

Our intellectual services procurement management platform, Rise, and our Connect sourcing offering have enabled our clients to engage the best experts in 80,000 projects in IT, digital, engineering, project management, sustainable transformation, and many other fields.

#5 – 400 team members

The year 2023 was decidedly marked by recruitment, as we increased our LittleBiggers from 300 to 400 in 12 months. Numerous new recruits joined our ranks, contributing to diversify and strengthen the skills within our teams. This significant growth in personnel also enhances our international dimension, as we now have representatives from 26 different nationalities across our teams.

#6 – 100 Procurement and IT decision-makers gathered at our Forward event

Last June, we launched our first event entirely dedicated to future work trends and their impact on the external services sector. Our goal was clear: bring together our clients and ecosystem for a day of exchange and conferences to decipher new trends and anticipate future developments, alongside industry experts and professionals. Given the success of this event, we decided to renew it in 2024 and extended discussions with a eponymous magazine offering condensed articles and analyses on the subject.

#7 – €5 billion in managed expenses on the Rise platform

Our Rise platform continues to attract procurement departments of large corporations. More and more are using it for sourcing, contracting, and payment of their suppliers. It allows them to save an average of 30% of time on administrative tasks, reduce billing errors by four times, and decrease the daily rates of their service providers by about 9%.

#8 – 500,000 experts in our community

Freelancers, consultants, consulting firms… Our community of experts remains a cornerstone of our offering, and we continued to grow it in 2023. Through our sourcing and community animation actions, we have strengthened our vast pool of specialized talents. This community allows us to mobilize any expertise in IT and digital, as well as in sustainable transformation, anywhere in the world.

#9 – €3 million in revenue with our new offering, Connect for Good

One of our major accomplishments in 2023: Connect for Good, our offering dedicated to sustainable expertise, celebrated its first anniversary, and success is already evident. Its goal? Assist our enterprise clients with their urgent needs for CSR or sustainable development skills by helping them find ideal experts. In 2023, we participated in the launch of 50 large-scale sustainable transformation projects, such as the development of a ‘carbon calculator’ with the Interministerial Directorate of Digital Affairs (DINUM).

#10 – 25 events to connect with freelancers

In 2023, we multiplied initiatives to engage with our community of independent professionals and help them advance their businesses: we participated in 6 trade shows where we held several workshops and roundtable discussions, organized 4 Twitch live sessions dedicated to specific themes, gave 3 conferences, and arranged 8 events for freelancers on assignment with our clients. Finally, we organized 5 Meet-ups across France, bringing together over 500 freelancers in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Nantes, and Bordeaux.

In conclusion, it has been a particularly memorable year for LittleBig Connection. We look forward to continuing this momentum and embracing the challenges and opportunities that await us in 2024!