Artificial Intelligence: 3 New Skills Sought by Our Clients Worldwide

At a time when artificial intelligence (AI) is actively reshaping numerous industries, the skills required in this field are undergoing an unprecedented evolution. This is evidenced by LinkedIn’s latest study revealing that AI will transform 65% of skills by 2030. At the heart of this movement are new professions such as the Prompt Engineer, the AI trainer, and the Big Data architect. Together, these unique expertises are set to replace jobs with repetitive tasks, focusing instead on those centered around human interaction.

At LittleBig Connection, a player in the Future of Work, we are witnessing this transformation firsthand. The AI skills sought today by our clients in France and internationally are indicative of the requirements of an era firmly oriented towards innovation. Let’s delve into three of these many new expertises.

AI Design and Development

The increase in bids for AI Design Managers reveals that our clients value AI skills that go beyond mere programming. This involves a comprehensive approach that encompasses the design, development, and testing of technologies such as advanced linguistic models and generative AI. This search reflects the need for professionals who understand the implications of AI at both software and hardware levels. Experts must now position themselves at the intersection of technology, design, and the functional needs of end users.

Project Management and Mastery of User Experience in AI

The numerous bids for the role of Product Owner/IA in the banking sector emphasize the importance of specialized product and project management in AI. The skills required for this type of role go beyond technical aspects, with a particular emphasis on coordination, planning, and communication. Knowledge of agile methodologies is also essential, suggesting that our clients are looking for individuals capable of working in dynamic and evolving environments, while maintaining a strategic vision for the product and its features in AI.

Security and Scalability of AI Solutions

Finally, the expressed needs for AI Generative Experts highlight the growing importance of secure, cloud-based infrastructures focused on security and scalability. These technologies not only include technical implementation but also the design of security strategies and mechanisms to support the growth and diversification of use cases. The professionalism and technical expertise required for this type of role must be combined with a deep understanding of best practices in the field and the specific challenges of each industry.

Analysis of these bids shows that AI is no longer limited to a series of isolated technical skills; it requires a unique combination of technological expertise, deep understanding of business processes, and the ability to integrate and drive large-scale changes. At LittleBig Connection, we take this information as a roadmap for the development of our solutions and the connection of our talent network with the specific needs of our clients.