Maximize your business potential with bestshore sourcing strategy: 4 key advantages explored

In today’s competitive business landscape, maximizing operational efficiency and accelerating digital transformation are essential priorities for Information Systems Directors. According to McKinsey’s 2021 study, Europe is facing a significant challenge, with a shortage of one million tech workers. In this context, bestshore sourcing emerges as a strategic solution that integrates local, regional, and global talent to deliver a range of benefits crucial for organizational success. At the inaugural Bestshore live event on June 20th, we shared our best practices and explored the many advantages of this approach. This article delves into these benefits in detail, showcasing how bestshore sourcing can help address skills gaps, support scalable growth, and optimize cost management. 


Access to a diverse talent pool 

Bestshore sourcing empowers organizations to access a diverse and extensive talent pool globally. By leveraging talent from different geographical locations, companies can quickly assemble specialized teams tailored to meet specific project needs. This not only accelerates project timelines but also introduces innovative perspectives crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in dynamic markets. At LittleBig Connection, we apply this approach: 

LittleBig Connection offices and areas of business activity.


Harnessing specialized expertise 

A standout feature of Bestshore sourcing is its ability to tap into specialized skills that may not be readily available locally. By expanding the search to include renowned talent hubs worldwide, organizations can secure professionals with expertise in IT, engineering, digital transformation, sustainability, and more. This strategic approach ensures access to top-tier talents capable of delivering cutting-edge solutions and driving innovation across industries. 

Cost-efficient operations

Beyond talent access, bestshore sourcing offers significant cost efficiencies. By sourcing experts  lower labor costs compared to home markets, organizations can achieve cost savings of up to 30% without compromising quality. These savings extend across project development, maintenance, and support activities, optimizing budget allocation and enhancing overall financial performance. 

Scalable growth opportunities

Scalability is crucial for meeting evolving business demands, and Bestshore sourcing enables organizations to scale operations efficiently. Whether expanding into new markets, launching innovative projects, or managing seasonal fluctuations, the flexibility to adjust team sizes and resource allocation ensures businesses can adapt swiftly to market dynamics while maintaining operational continuity. 

By adopting bestshore sourcing strategies, ISDs can enhance operational efficiencies and position their organizations as agile market leaders. This approach fosters cross-border collaboration, cultivates diverse perspectives, and fuels innovation, empowering businesses to achieve strategic goals with resilience and foresight. 

At LittleBig Connection, we are convinced that the bestshore model is optimal. Our Connect offer provides a global pool of expertise, demonstrating our commitment to leveraging this expertise to deliver exceptional value to our clients. Thus, this ensures they remain competitive and innovative in an ever-evolving market, thanks to our platform.  


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