International strategy for professional services procurement: insights from our Bestshore live event 

Explore insightful perspectives and emerging trends in the international procurement of professional services from LittleBig Connection’s inaugural Bestshore live event, hosted on June 20th. With 87% of global companies acknowledging a skills gap according to the Choose Your Boss 2021 study, the event is particularly timely. Our experts gather to decode the transformative strategies reshaping global sourcing in professional services. Here are the three key takeaways from this live event: 

Globalization drives cross-border professional services 

For Urbain, “Skills gaps and technologies supporting the rise of globalization lead to the sourcing of professional services beyond national borders.” 

Urbain Adrian, Director of International Expansion (Asia) at LittleBig Connection, kicks off the event by highlighting critical global talent trends. Emphasizing the pressing issue of the skills gap, Urbain Adrian points out how Europe is particularly affected, missing one million tech workers (2021 McKinsey). To address these gaps, several regions are emerging as dynamic hubs, maximizing their qualified and available resources. 

“The globalization reinforces the idea of cross-border and hybrid procurement, focusing on skills rather than location.” He discusses the growing importance of leveraging global talent pools driven by technological advancements. Today’s strategies prioritize skills over cost. The bestshore model blends local expertise with global capabilities, optimizing costs without compromising quality. 

Bestshore: maximizing global talent for innovation 

Lena Radjibaly, Leader of Global Connect Solutions at LittleBig Connection, delves into operational strategies for effective Bestshore implementation. 

For Lena, “bestshore is all about creating the right mix and getting the best out of all models—local, regional, and global—to capitalize on the world’s best talent pools to accelerate and scale the most innovative projects.” In today’s dynamic talent landscape, evaluating all parameters can be challenging. A flexible global talent strategy is essential, accommodating diverse needs—from sourcing niche skills to assembling large teams for global-scale initiatives. Flexibility and agility are crucial, facilitated by technology and AI. Our platform is designed precisely for this purpose: enabling you to build and execute optimal bestshore strategies tailored to your evolving project requirements. 

Client success: boosting projects with global sourcing 

“As a project manager, I regularly seek new resources to strengthen and support various projects that align with my daily challenges.” 

Catherine McPherson, Program Resource Manager at Adecco Group, shares her success story with international sourcing through LittleBig Connection. She highlights the strategic advantages of sourcing talent globally to enhance projects thanks to diversity and scalability while optimizing costs. Her testimonial underscores the importance of flexible sourcing partners and expertise in navigating global landscapes effectively. 

The Bestshore live event emphasizes the essential role of international talent strategies in today’s dynamic professional services sector. With a vast majority of companies experiencing skill gaps and Europe facing a notable shortage of tech professionals, innovative sourcing approaches are more vital than ever. LittleBig Connection’s bestshore model, integrating local expertise with global capabilities, presents a powerful solution. By tapping into diverse talent pools and leveraging advanced technologies, businesses can effectively address skill shortages, diversify projects, and streamline costs. Ready to harness global talents for your projects? LittleBig Connection is your partner in sourcing top skills worldwide. 

Want to know more and missed the live session?

Dive into the replay of the Bestshore live event to explore in-depth insights and strategies for optimizing global talent procurement. Contact us now to discover everything about Bestshore.