Artificial Intelligence at LittleBig Connection: A new key to innovation 

LittleBig Connection continues its evolution. With a community of over 500,000 experts including diverse profiles such as Python or Java developers, project management consultants, and Full Stack developers, we continually reinvent ourselves to streamline the connection between companies and external talents. Highly committed to innovation, we have been emphasizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for several years. We are convinced that this emerging technology is an essential tool to improve our solutions. In our sector, AI indeed offers multiple opportunities, as our project to assist in writing Calls for Proposals (CP) based on Artificial Intelligence shows. Let’s focus on this recent success.

The Assistance in Writing the Requests for Proposals 

To make the writing of RFP faster for our users, we are currently exploring the development of an AI writer. With this tool, the complete description of a mission can be generated from a few words or short sentences provided by the client – a considerable time-saver. In practice? The user provides a short description of the need they wish to publish, and the tool generates detailed and comprehensive description, including project title, context, objectives and deliverables. It can also suggest the skills required for the position to better target the profile. And if the RFP generated doesn’t suit? No worries: User can ask to their AI a new generated RFPs, until they reach satisfaction. To help it improve, it’s also possible to rate the responses. 

A Refined Technology for a Simple Tool 

From the technical perspective, the tool’s main strength is the use of Microsoft’s Azure AI platform, which utilizes AI services and models, specifically ChatGPT. By choosing this platform, we ensure maximum security and data confidentiality for the users, two subjects at the heart of our concerns. And if security wasn’t convincing enough, this tool adds a second value. It provides a conducive framework for writing RFP because it is programmed with hidden prompts that make its responses more targeted. Simply put, the user doesn’t have to perfect the prompt, as ours provide a clear context to their requests.

Almost Ready! 

Our tool will soon be live! For now, we only allow select clients to try the AI assistance for writing calls for proposals. The feedback collected from their trials will allow us to further improve our tool.

LittleBig Connection’s vision on AI is clear: to reinvent the way large companies collaborate with external experts, making the most of current technologies. We’re already working on a second project, optimizing external talent sourcing through matching… Stay connected to be the first to know!