How we help our mobility sector clients to source the best IT & engineering talent across the world

The automotive, railway and aeronautics industries are constantly innovating. Designing advanced technologies to improve the safety and efficiency of passenger and freight transport is indeed a significant challenge facing the major groups in this sector.

Not to mention sustainability issues, which require these players to reduce the environmental impact of all forms of transport, and to speed up on impact innovations, such as electric cars. To meet these challenges, companies in the mobility sector need specialist expertise, in the fields of IT and engineering in particular.

These are invariably the players who’ll succeed in enlisting the most qualified and stand-out specialised talent in their market. In fact, they’ll even be one step ahead on their competitors in the race to innovate.

IT & engineering: external talents in high demand

Major groups in the mobility sector cannot rely on the skills of their own employees alone. In fact they need to supplement their teams with external talent. But these external talents are rare. Because, in addition to having very specific technical skills, they must also have an in-depth knowledge of their sector. The scarcity of these profiles, combined with the shortage of talent particularly in the IT and engineering professions, makes finding the best experts in the mobility field difficult.

More and more major groups are choosing to open up their horizons internationally, to explore new talent pools and thus maximize their chances of finding the best providers of intellectual services.

  • 73% of engineering and R&D firms say they are suffering from a shortage of talent
  • The Top 3 most sought-after skills: data engineering and analytics, cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

Source: Engineering and R&D Report 2023, Bain & Company

LittleBig Connection and the Mantu Group: international talent sourcing solutions for the mobility sector

At LittleBig Connection and Mantu, we support major global groups in the mobility sector in their innovation projects, helping them find the best external talent, whatever their status, whatever their work model (T&M, fixed price, project management etc.), and wherever they are based.

Thanks to our community of partners in more than 60 countries and our team of experts in IT & engineering talent sourcing, we are able to quickly identify the profile or profiles that meet your needs. Here are just some of the challenges in which we support our clients, by helping them enlist the best specialist skills:

  • Electronics, IoT and embedded systems
  • Autonomous driving
  • Propulsion and emission reduction
  • Cybersecurity and data security
  • Design and safety

Our success stories in the mobility sector

#1 Some fifty talented design specialists join forces for one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy goods vehicles

  • Location: France
  • Industry: automotive
  • Expertise: engineering, design
  • Profile type: freelancers and digital service consultants

Our client has a constant need for external talent to strengthen its truck design teams and to work on components such as seat belts, airbags, seats etc. Since 2015, we have been helping it find the best profiles specialising in modelling, UX-UI and even CMF design (Colour, Material, Finish) for work on safety and comfort issues. Around fifty external talents have been constantly involved thanks to our services.

#2 A task force of consultants specialising in the development of electronic controllers for one of the most prestigious racing car manufacturers

  • Location: Europe
  • Industry: automotive
  • Expertise: engineering, electronics
  • Profile type: digital service consultants

We put together a small team of consultants specialising in developing electronic controllers, to assist a well-known racing car manufacturer looking to improve the performance of its vehicles. The consultants worked closely with the constructor’s engineering team to optimise the car’s power and speed. One of the consultants was even present at the racetracks at weekends to immediately resolve any problems with the drivers and to ensure that the car was always at its best.

#3 A team of talented people to prepare the UX-UI redesign of the parking application of a leading player in mobility solutions

  • Location: France
  • Industry: urban mobility
  • Expertise: IT, UX-UI
  • Profile type: digital service consultants

Our client needed to improve the user interface and user experience of its mobile parking reservation application. We put together a team of talented UX/UI specialists to carry out a series of user tests, analyse the data and study in depth the use of the current functionalities. Final objective: to identify areas for improvement and to make specific recommendations for redesigning the application.

#4 A consultant specialising in car seat R&D, for a leading technology company in the automotive industry

  • Location: Germany
  • Industry: automotive
  • Expertise: Engineering, R&D
  • Profile type: digital service consultant

We helped a major car manufacturer find an expert engineer to work on the design of tomorrow’s car seats, particularly on the integration of screens and audio systems. Within the innovation department, he worked closely with the R&D teams, design teams, marketing teams and top management to design, build and test prototypes and mock-ups. The project gave rise to three patent registrations.

#5 An infotainment expert for an ambitious clean mobility project in Asia

  • Location: Singapore
  • Industry: automotive, green energy
  • Expertise: Engineering, Data, IoT
  • Profile type: digital service consultants

Our client, who has been involved in developing green energy in the transport sector for more than 20 years, specializes in providing technological solutions for improving air quality. It is working with Singapore’s National Environment Agency on a project to monitor emissions from a fleet of vehicles in real time. We helped it find an expert to deploy a data collection system, and to design a digital dashboard providing information on vehicle emission levels, in order to reduce their ecological footprint.

#6 Virtual reality experts to design a training system for train drivers

  • Location: France
  • Industry: railways
  • Expertise: IT, VR learning
  • Profile type: consultants from a specialist studio

Our client, a national leader in passenger rail transport and freight logistics services, embarked upon a major digital transformation programme, moving towards industry 4.0. In this context, we helped it develop a series of educational resources to improve the training of its train drivers by using an immersive and interactive experience based on virtual reality. Drivers can now simulate their experience in the control room, and virtually confront real-life situations.