Intellectual services: how to contract with freelancers, step by step?

Rémi Fontanille, our Account Executive, and Quentin Saint-Maxent, Sales Executive, were present at the annual meeting of the intellectual services purchasing ecosystem: The HA DAYS! This two-day event brought together nearly 80 purchasing decision-makers and 40 partners and allowed participants to gain insight into the current trends. Within the framework of this highly anticipated event, LittleBig Connection animated a workshop on the theme “How to contract with independent workers.” It was an opportunity to call upon the collective intelligence and to stimulate debate.

Step #1: Set the legal framework

Before embarking on massive outsourcing, a few points should be anticipated. First, a risk management strategy must be established, including a compliance charter. The latter must present clear rules to limit the risks of illegal labor lending or commercial trading.

If there is no such thing as zero risk, it is still possible to avoid many pitfalls by monitoring risks and instilling good practices in operational managers. To help you see things more clearly, find the primary legal information to keep in mind in our e-book available here.

Step #2: Set up the service management with freelancers

The Vendor Management System (VMS) is highly recommended for managing its strategy with its freelancers and international purchases of intellectual services globally. This software or SaaS solution allows the Purchasing department of a company to centralize the management of all their assets of academic services. These platforms offer, among other things, the possibility to follow in real time the expenses incurred, to manage the panels of suppliers – consulting company as well as independent – to automate the contractual elements and invoicing, to smooth the exchanges between suppliers and internal customers… In short, it’s a central point that pilots IP purchases.

Step #3: Add value to assignments and attract freelancers

It’s a well-known trend: we are experiencing a genuine talent shortage. This is evidenced by the figures from Pôle emploi’s Manpower Needs Survey (BMO 2022): 65% of recruitment projects for IT development engineers and technicians are considered problematic by employers in 2022. And for a good reason: the need for IT skills continues to grow to meet the challenges of digital transformations in organizations.

From now on, sourcing profiles in tension is like searching for rare pearls. And in this new paradigm, it is no longer the ADR criterion that is the most important in the selection of missions but instead the brand image, the interest of the project, the integration in the teams or the evolutions and the continuous increase in competence. More than ever, it is, therefore, essential to be attentive to the sensitivities of freelancers when writing an assignment offer. Find all our advice on this subject here.

How can LittleBig Connection help you?

To put all the chances on your side, you can opt for a platform like LittleBig Connection. This service allows you to benefit from total transparency on the conditions of subcontracting, which implies, in particular, monitoring of the ordering company – ideal for making sure to remain within the legal framework. Complex issues such as economic dependence, the offense of merchandising, or the reclassification of a contract of employment are thus taken care of in their entirety by this intermediation solution.

To complete this support, LittleBig Connection guides you from writing your offers to contracting the freelancer joining your team. In addition to opening the doors of a community of more than 350,000 freelancers and consultants, we deploy tailor-made support so that freelancers fully integrate your teams.

And if you want to opt for a VMS, LittleBig Connection can also be a partner of choice! For many, implementing a VMS implies a significant investment of time and energy… But this is not the case with the Rise solution, which offers support throughout this crucial stage. Whether it is to define the costs related to the implementation or to centralize your entire panel of suppliers and freelancers, the experts guide the new Rise beneficiaries step by step. Moreover, LittleBig Connection’s platform replicates the client’s entire organization, from entities to workflows to budgets, which makes it much easier to adapt to the tool. This adaptation extends to the information system to which Rise, whatever its model, thanks to its API (Application Programming Interface).


You will have understood that the solution proposed by LittleBig Connection goes much further than a simple VMS and anticipates all the difficulties that could present the implementation of such a platform. If you are curious, do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration of our Rise solution.