LittleBig Connection’s commitment to disability takes a new direction!

As part of our commitment to greater inclusion, LittleBig Connection is proud to announce the launch of a new feature on our marketplace. After several weeks of development, the “Disability Status” is now available to all users of our platform.

A new feature for inclusion

All our independent consultants on our platform, whether freelancers or affiliated with companies, now have the option to declare their disability status directly on their profile. The timing of this launch is not coincidental, as it coincides with the European Week of Employment for People with Disabilities in 2023!

Why is this new feature so important to us? Because this information allows our clients who are looking for external experts to have easier access to inclusive companies and Disabled Independent Workers (DIW). This accelerates the inclusion of professionals with disabilities, in addition to helping companies meet their sustainable strategy goals!

This new feature represents another step towards a more inclusive platform, reflecting the values dear to our company. We firmly believe that diversity brings invaluable wealth to businesses!

A guide dedicated to disability in the workplace

Furthermore, to demystify disability in the workplace, we have co-authored a dedicated guide with EA Access Inclusive Tech, a specialized social mission digital company. With this new content, we aim to support our clients in their understanding of this topic. The goal? To provide them with all the tools to better accommodate people with disabilities in the business environment.

LittleBig Connection’s commitment to greater inclusivity continues through these strong new actions. If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact Jonas Guyot or Léa Mosticone.