SAP projects: How LittleBig Connection help client find the best experts

As the uncontested leader in the management software packages market, German software company SAP develops and sells benchmark solutions to manage, automate and optimize the operational processes of organizations. Its Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) solution is deployed in 99 of the 100 largest companies worldwide and has over 230 million cloud users.

However, to gain maximum benefit from SAP solutions, user companies often need the support of specialist experts. These experts help to configure and customize the various platform modules, along with offering targeted technical support.

However, they are few and far between and in great demand. We classify them as being among the seven most highly sought after IT talents in 2023. Sourcing qualified SAP consultants or freelancers is often a real struggle for companies, who are sometimes forced to put their projects on hold due to not being able to mobilize the necessary skills.

Fortunately, there are solutions. At LittleBig Connection, we help our clients access the best SAP experts available on the market on a daily basis. In this article, we take a look at two successful partnerships in this area.

Experienced operational and technical experts for a major player in the energy sector

For many years, we have been working with a key company in the French energy sector, and since 2022, we have been supporting it in buying intellectual services for the SAP market.

The expertise required by this client is mainly concentrated on the company’s internal applications that support the finance, management, logistics and HR processes. To manage and optimize these applications, the group regularly needs specialized profiles such as designer-developers, application managers and project directors.

Before collaborating with LittleBig Connection, the group was having huge difficulties sourcing experienced SAP experts. In fact, profiles with over 10 years’ experience are rare within digital service companies. They are also more likely to be working freelance and are therefore less accessible to large groups.

Thanks to LittleBig Connect, this is no longer a problem. Our client now has access to our community of over 450,000 experts of all kinds (freelancers, consultants, digital service companies or umbrella companies), and can benefit from our sourcing expertise to find the best profiles, even for the most specific SAP modules.

The group has a dedicated Account Manager who knows the organization and its major ongoing projects, and is in permanent contact with a large community of freelance SAP experts. The Account Manager is responsible for preparing the specification for each requirement, finding available experts, considering applicants, organizing interviews, approving the service provision and verifying the legal documentation for freelancers in order to start each assignment.

Since 2022, we have made it possible for around 15 SAP experts to start working for our client. The strength of our partnership lies in the permanent follow-up achieved through monthly review committees with the group’s operational managers and purchasing department. This guarantees effective and sustainable support.

A targeted expert to initiate the S/4HANA migration of a benchmark company in the spirits sector

For over three years, we’ve been regularly helping a company from a large luxury group to source experts in niche fields. Historically, this client’s suppliers did not often have the appropriate expertise.

This organization recently called on our services for a highly strategic project, involving migrating the information systems of one of the group entities to S/4HANA, the new version of SAP’s ERP software. The aim here was to trial a small-scale implementation before deploying S/4HANA on a group-wide basis.

For this project, our client needed an S/4HANA expert who was able to fulfill a very specific condition of being able to work on-site at the company’s facility in Cognac, and therefore agree to relocate until the project was complete. Finding such a profile was a real challenge, as migration to S/4HANA is an important step for many companies, making specialist profiles extremely hard to find.

However, thanks to our vast community of IT experts, we were able to meet this need in record time. We contacted a digital services company specializing in SAP who were able to assign a consultant to the project in line with the budget set. In less than a month and following three interviews, the consultant was approved by our client, had moved to Cognac, and was able to begin the migration project.

Eighteen months later, the project is successfully completed and our client is preparing to replicate the S/4HANA implementation across all its facilities. The partnership with LittleBig Connection thus enabled this major group to fill the skills gap and guarantee the success of a fundamental IT project.

So, if you are regularly or occasionally looking for the best SAP experts, go to LittleBig Connect and get ahead of the game!