Spotlight on LittleBig Connection’s Data Safety Certifications

In recent years, LittleBig Connection has made data security and the quality of its services a core part of its operational priorities. This long-standing commitment is reflected by the acquisition of ISO 27001 certification for more than three years, which the ISO 9001 certification complemented last year.

ISO 27001: A Commitment to Information Security

Firstly, LittleBig Connection reaffirms its attainment of the ISO 27001 certification, which we have proudly held for three years. This certification particularly emphasizes the management of information security as it rewards organizations implementing a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS) that conforms to the best international practices. It attests that we systematically secure our information by considering risks related to people, work processes, and technology.

Thanks to this standard, LittleBig Connection demonstrates its expertise in data protection and IT risk management, strengthening the trust of its clients and partners.

ISO 9001: Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Operational Excellence

LittleBig Connection has also achieved ISO 9001 certification. This standard is designed to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. For LittleBig Connection, it rewards the establishment of a quality management system that complies with international standards. It is further proof of our expertise in quality management, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.

Cybervadis: Strengthening Cybersecurity

Beyond ISO certifications, LittleBig Connection has also distinguished itself with a high Cybervadis score (968/1000), a cybersecurity evaluation platform. This success reflects our commitment to managing risks associated with IT security, regulatory compliance (such as GDPR), and digital security practices. It demonstrates the company’s ability to effectively protect against digital risks.

The effectiveness of our procedures and information security management was confirmed during the annual security audit, conducted by an external company, on our application and infrastructure. This audit, including a penetration test of our solution, allowed us to achieve a high score of 9/10 in January 2024.

Next Steps: Aiming for Continuous Excellence

As LittleBig Connection stands out with its current certifications, the company is looking towards new goals to further enhance its reputation, expand into new markets, and ensure continuous innovation. Among these projects is the SOC 2 certification: essential to demonstrate the ability to protect the security and confidentiality of the managed data, this award will also attest to our willing to go even further in this field.


By highlighting its current and future certifications, LittleBig Connection unveils its commitment to operational excellence, data security, and the quality of its services, by meeting the requirements of all the countries where we are active. These certifications are not just distinctions; they especially reflect LittleBig Connection’s constant commitment to offering its clients and partners the best practices in security and quality.