Draft your requests for proposals using LittleBig Connection’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Drafting requests for proposals in the procurement of intellectual services can prove to be laborious and time-consuming, especially in an environment where companies are seeking to optimize their operational processes and increase efficiency. In this context, LittleBig Connection has developed an AI functionality integrated into its platform to assist operational managers in finding the ideal expert. Now, it is possible to generate complete requests for proposals in moments. Indeed, LittleBig Connection firmly places innovation at the core of its strategy and utilizes AI to serve its Rise clients, its VMS, and Connect, its expertise sourcing solution.

The Power of an Effective Request for Proposals

When internal skills are no longer sufficient to meet the specific needs of a project, issuing a request for proposal to enlist external services becomes essential. This phase requires particular attention in precisely formulating the company’s requirements and needs to attract qualified experts.

The Advantages of this Innovation

  1. Saving time through AI prompts
  2. Optimizing request for proposals
  3. Securing shared data

Saving time through AI prompts

After a beta-testing period with willing clients, LittleBig Connection has integrated AI into its request for proposal writer. This functionality has profoundly transformed the drafting experience, generating complete requests for proposals in a few minutes.

In addition to suggesting a range of editable prompt examples, the AI utilizes hidden prompts to restructure user suggestions, thus ensuring optimized results. This approach enables the tool to automatically create the project title, define the context, objectives, and deliverables.

Optimize your requests for proposals with AI: precision and coherence

Thanks to the configuration of our artificial intelligence, we are able to optimize drafting and formulate clear and precise requirements. This functionality relies on Microsoft’s Azure AI, fully leveraging the AI services and models of ChatGPT. Say goodbye to doubts! Our system automatically suggests up to seven essential skills for the position, ensuring maximum efficiency without leaving anything to chance.

Securing shared data

Where do your data go?

At LittleBig Connection, we are committed to ensuring the security of your information. They will never be shared with a third party, as we consider the confidentiality of your data to be our top priority. This data is collected solely for the purpose of ensuring the proper functioning of our services and guaranteeing an optimal user experience.

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