Freelance cybersecurity experts: a lever for agile digital transformation

According to PwC’s 25th Annual CEO Survey, 72% of leaders are concerned about the availability of key skills, particularly in cybersecurity. To anticipate new threats and drive agile change management, it is essential to plan skill needs now and surround oneself with the best experts. By partnering with freelance cybersecurity specialists, companies foster innovation and significantly reduce the existing skills gap.

The Rise of Freelancing in Cybersecurity

75% of the surveyed technology companies hired at least one freelancer in 2023

The demand for freelance cybersecurity experts has notably increased in recent years due to changes in work modes, the pandemic, and technological development, according to Approximately a quarter of IT and engineering professionals now work as freelancers. This trend is driven by the need for companies to quickly adapt to new forms of cyber threats.

Why are the experts leading your cybersecurity transformation projects likely to be freelancers?

First, there is a talent shortage. To immediately fill gaps in specific skills like cybersecurity, companies typically turn to independent experts.

Engaging freelancers is a great way to support your projects because they are experienced. According to the 2024 study, 93% of freelancers embark on this path after gaining significant experience in salaried positions. This background gives them deep and diverse expertise, as well as multiple case studies to offer the best possible advice.

The second advantage of hiring freelancers lies in their ability to constantly evolve to stay competitive in an ever-changing market. Faced with the promises of artificial intelligence and the transformative potential of future professions, freelancers invest an average of five hours per week in continuous training. This proactive approach allows them to master the latest technological advancements and effectively meet companies’ growing cybersecurity needs.

The benefits of freelancing marketplaces for businesses:

  • Provide unparalleled flexibility, allowing companies to quickly adjust to their changing needs.
  • Offer access to a global pool of specialized talent without the long-term costs associated with permanent hires.
  • Ensure secure contracting, thereby reducing risks and simplifying the recruitment process.
  • Avoid intermediary layers, enabling companies to manage their projects more agilely and efficiently.

Freelancing as a lever for digital transformation

A freelancer occupies a strategic position in the context of digital transformation. For companies, having access to the right skills at the right time is imperative to anticipate the future and overcome talent scarcity challenges.

Independent professionals often play a central role in sustainable transition initiatives, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. Their contribution is essential for supporting projects, facilitating changes, and mastering technological developments.

The 6 key cybersecurity skills sought by companies

The most sought-after cybersecurity skills by companies are:

  1. Information Systems Security Managers
  2. Penetration Testers
  3. Cybersecurity Architects
  4. IAM (Identity and Access Management) Experts
  5. Network and Security Engineers, and Data Encryption Experts
  6. Data Encryption Experts

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