How we helped a wine and spirits giant with its ambitious digital transformation project in 2022

At LittleBig Connection, we help large companies team up with the best external experts. We contribute to important strategic projects, enabling our clients to collaborate with the most qualified freelancers or consultants in IT, tech & digital, and now to complement their internal teams.

The year 2022 will be marked by massive and ambitious projects. In this article, we share one of these large-scale innovation programs in which we’re proud to have taken part.

A project to improve marketing & sales efficiency through data and digital

Our client, a leading group in the production and distribution of wines and spirits with a worldwide presence, has committed itself to a vast digital transformation project from 2021 onwards by defining “Key Digital Programs” (KDP).

The main aim of these KPDs is to improve the efficiency of marketing and sales actions, through better measurement of campaign performance and a more precise calculation of their return on investment (ROI). To achieve this, the group needed to develop specific business applications, the idea being initially to deploy these tools in test countries such as France and then extend their use to all other countries.

However, the group did not have all the necessary skills in-house to design and implement the appropriate solutions. This is why they turned to LittleBig Connection.

Tailor-made support to build a team of external experts

At LittleBig Connection, we mobilized several Account Managers, so that our client could benefit from dedicated contacts with a thorough understanding of the project and its specific features. Over the course of 2022, these Account Managers helped the group to find and contract a large number of highly specialized profiles, capitalizing on our community of over 400,000 experts.

These profiles include:

  • A Scrum Project Manager who introduced Agile methodologies within the Group
  • Tester profiles, which enabled the industrialization and automation of tests for the first time
  • Data specialists (Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Stewards, Data Governance Managers etc.) with varied technical expertise (SQL, Python etc.) who implemented all the processes needed to collect and process reliable, structured data
  • UX/UI profiles, who worked on the ergonomics and design of these solutions, to optimize the user experience

We supported our client throughout the sourcing, profile selection, and contracting process.

The experts we mobilized are freelancers or consultants from ESNs with extensive experience in specific fields of expertise. Profiles that are sought after by a large number of companies and which we have been able to bring on board by promoting the challenge represented by a digital challenge of this scale, within a group that is a benchmark in its sector.

A project that is now being rolled out worldwide

What’s next? The Group’s digital transformation project accelerated sharply in 2022, thanks to all the skills mobilized both internally and externally. As a result, the Group is now at the cutting edge in the use of data, particularly for Marketing & Sales Effectiveness.

But the project obviously doesn’t stop there. The KDPs are continuing, particularly in the phase of rolling out solutions on an international scale.

LittleBig Connection continues to look for the best experts to enable the Group to continue innovating by finding the reinforcements it needs to achieve its objectives.

We are proud to have played a part in the success of this large-scale project in 2022 and we are excited to continue it in 2023!