Our little journey towards Big impact #11

A Tech Company’s Journey to Greater Impact

Identifying the skills to accelerate a sustainable transition… by a game!

Are you ready to take the great sustainability adventure further? With the launch of Connect for Good, we have witnessed unprecedented enthusiasm from companies to accelerate their sustainable transition. However, despite the strong desire, it’s not always easy to get started. Resources are often limited, and identifying the skills internally or externally can be a more challenging task than expected… That’s why we have created an unbeatable tool. Let’s focus on our innovative solution and its initial results.

Multiple problems? An effective solution!

What could be better than a game to engage and leave a lasting impression? That’s why we chose this format to explain the different challenges and boundaries of sustainability and, most importantly, how to integrate it into a business.

Inspired by the mechanics of the climate fresco, our visual and educational workshop brings participants together in teams to exchange ideas, align their objectives, and organize their actions. It is designed for everyone, beginners or experts, HR or members of a company’s leadership, and of course, professionals responsible for driving sustainable transformation.

And what about the goal of the game? Its objective is actually twofold: to visualize the strategic sustainability challenges and to put in place a detailed action plan to integrate the corresponding sustainable skills.

(Magical) cards to reveal your destiny

Let’s now get to the heart of the matter. The workshop revolves around cards holding the secrets of sustainable actions to be implemented in the company. Each of these cards displays detailed explanations and offers additional resources to transform into a true sustainability champion.

For two to three hours, participants familiarize themselves with all this information and make a clear assessment of their needs. At the end of the game, all the cards are organized to form the path towards a successful sustainable transition.

Queen of Hearts, it’s your turn

Now that the rules are set, let’s start playing! We have designed this workshop to be practiced with our partners, clients, and major accounts… But startups beginning their sustainable transition can also join the game!

Before diving into the deep end, we conducted a crash test with our internal teams and those of MANTU, of course. It went very well, as the first test subjects of the experience validated the game, finding it educational and enlightening. Phew!

The same sentiment was echoed by the early partners who tested it, from small and medium enterprises to large corporations. The workshop brought out new priority issues for the coming year. It clarified the internal skills to mobilize, their training needs, and the necessary external services. At the end of the game, they were able to chart their own path towards a more sustainable future. And that certainly makes us proud!

You’ve understood: nothing beats a pen, paper, and cards to unleash the sustainability expert within you! If you too want to awaken your sustainability superpower, you can organize our workshop in your company and unleash the potential of your teams.

To learn more and join this extraordinary adventure, contact Jonas, the keeper of the sustainability keys!