Our little journey towards Big impact #5

Logbook of a tech company in search of greater impact

6 months on the road to sustainable transition: 4 tips

Last June, we began our ascent to the highest heights of impact with a strong ambition: to integrate social and environmental impact into the heart of our decisions and business model. After 6 months on the road, what are our main lessons? How can we boldly and agilely take such a “crossroads”? Here are our 4 main findings.

#1 Be inspired by the greatest mountaineers

Taking a “side road” requires boldness and determination. To nurture that boldness and strengthen that determination, it helps to be inspired by those who have been there. Since the beginning of our adventure, we have taken the time to feed ourselves with inspiring feedback:

#2 Take care of the equipment

Even the most seasoned climbers need the right equipment at the right time. The good news is that it’s getting easier to fill your backpack with the right resources, thanks to the great work of some players like :

  • France Digitale: with its very precious and concrete toolbox to pilot its CSR strategy: The Ultimate Impact Toolbox
  • Mao Boa: with its CSR roadmap model, for example
  • Friday: with, for example, its CSR Highlights Calendar
  • Not forgetting, of course, the Climate Fresk and the Digital Fresco, efficient collaborative workshops to understand the causes and consequences of global warming (in a general way or particularly around digital issues)

#3 Surround yourself with Sherpas

Rare are the great mountaineers who undertake the journey alone. On all or part of the way, relying on Sherpas is often essential.

It is with this in mind that we have sought since the beginning of our adventure to co-construct with our ecosystem to multiply our impact, for example:

  • By mapping the skills and expertise required for the sustainable transition of organizations with AXA Climate‘s Climate School
  • By partnering with Captain Cause to facilitate the involvement of our clients and employees in causes that are important to them
  • By allowing our employees to support the beneficiaries of ADA Tech School and the association Les Ombres via skills sponsorship

#4 Joining mountaineering communities

Stops at base camps and mountain huts are often extremely valuable on the road to sustainable transition. Places of exchange between peers sharing the same challenges, base camps are opportunities to leave with a stronger backpack.

The good news is that such forums have increased significantly in recent years, making it much easier to share experiences. In particular, we recommend the following:

Are you also on your way to sustainable business? Share with us your feedback and resources that we could add to our backpack!