Our little journey towards Big impact #1

A Tech Company’s Journey to big impact

Why LittleBig Connection is accelerating Positive Impact topics

Get your hiking boots on. We’re off on an adventure!

At LittleBig Connection, we’re taking it to new heights. We’ve decided to make our organization a company that TRULY puts Positive Impact at the heart of its model. And we want to share this journey with you.

We’ll publish a blog post every month as feedback on our past and future projects. You’ll discover our successes but also our failures, our struggles, our doubts, and so much more.

Why take you on this journey? It’s not just to follow a (very) current communication trend but rather to share our journey with you as authentically as possible, to start a discussion, an interaction with all those who wish to take part and perhaps even – as an ultimate goal – inspire other companies to embark on a similar journey. No more greenwashing. We’ll only talk about facts, actions, and tests, with complete transparency.

We know this is not a walk in the park but a technical trek to the highest peaks, full of pitfalls and traps. We’re convinced that this tricky climb is worthwhile and necessary. After all, if you don’t climb, you don’t get the view.

We hope you will follow our journey and – why not? – take part by sending us your ideas, inspirations, and reactions!

Without further ado, this month we’re going explain how we have carried out the shift towards Internal Positive Impact. On the agenda are a big team announcement, appointments, and many stars in our employees’ eyes. Let’s get started!

LittleBig Connection & Positive Impact: a story that started long ago

Before telling you more about this new adventure. It’s a new chapter for LittleBig Connection, but it’s been in the making for quite some time. In other words, we’re not starting from scratch regarding Positive Impact.

Our CEO, Constance Nevoret, has been committed to these issues for a long time. Involved in solidarity projects since her student days, she now supports NGOs that help women with their reintegration. And as if her schedule wasn’t full enough, she’s also leading the Sustainability approach at Mantu, LittleBig Connection’s parent company.

On the LittleBig Connection side, we’ve already launched genuine projects to improve our carbon footprint and allow our customers to integrate more CSR in their purchases, such as the LittleBig for Good Hackathon in December 2020. The aim was to gather impactful initiatives we could incorporate into our product.

These considerations have always been in LittleBig Connection’s DNA. However, until now, they’ve been limited to projects that were ‘parallel’ to our activity. We now want Positive Impact to be at the heart of our business and business model.

We used to try to reduce negative externalities, but now we aim to go further by creating positive externalities. In practice, we want to realign our business objectives with the planet and society.

Why are we embarking on such an adventure now? Perhaps the age of reason is driving us to this point… or maybe it’s a realization of the impact we can have. As a company with an extensive network, we have more clout than we do as individuals, and it is our responsibility to use it.

Now we’ve given you a bit of background. Here’s how w that’s why we brought together our 200 employees from all over the world to announce a very special LittleBig Plan.

During this quarterly virtual meeting, where we review company performance and the significant milestones to come, our CEO Constance announced our major shift towards Positive Impact. The aim was to develop the foundations and implement our first measures. Of course, that same week, all the teams were trained at La Fresque du Climat add link, a collaborative workshop that summarizes the primary climate issues for us to take better action.

A big internal announcement

To become confirmed Positive Impact climbers, we had to start somewhere. And for this very first step, we wanted to go big. That’s why we’ve brought together our 200 employees based around the world to present them with a very special LittleBig Plan.

It was during this quarterly virtual meeting, which takes stock of the company’s performance and the major objectives to come, that our CEO Constance announced our major Positive Impact shift. The aim was to develop the foundations on the one hand and the first concrete measures on the other. Of course, they weren’t long in coming: that same week, all the teams were trained in the climate fresco, a collaborative workshop summarizing the essentials of climate issues to better take action

Two positions entirely dedicated to piloting this new direction

It was also an opportunity to announce that we would appoint two people wholly dedicated to leading this sustainable transformation: a Chief Impact Officer and a Sustainability Offer Director. Without further ado, here’s a short presentation of our two Sherpas.

Léanne Bonhomme, our new Chief Impact Officer, is leading the way in structuring our actions. In her new role (and with her legendary energy), she’ll ensure that the company gives more importance to environmental, social, and economic issues in all of its decisions. From a business background, she’s well aware of these issues and already has a clear vision of how to integrate Positive Impact into business logic. She’s pioneered the opening of our LittleBig Connection office in Canada! She also has experience with NGOs (Engineers Without Borders Quebec), a sector she’s always been passionate about,

Jonas Guyot, our new Sustainability Offer Director, brings his expertise, network, and good humour to our latest offer. With his experience in Positive Impact awareness and training, notably at Ticket for Change, he’s convinced that companies are capable of bringing about change. His peak would be to develop the largest community of experts in sustainable transformation and an ecosystem of committed partners and clients. With this launch, we’re taking what we do to another level.

As you can see, this powerful duo will lead a significant transformation at LittleBig Connection. Their incredibly complementary profiles are sure to make a few make sparks fly.

What happens now?

We ‘e only at the first stage: everything is yet to be done. The first challenge for Léanne and Jonas will be to mark out their itinerary, i.e., choose the priorities and lay the foundations for their roadmap. We’ll tell you about their journey in the next episode!

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