Our little journey towards Big impact #13

A Tech Company’s Journey to Greater Impact

Supporting Inclusion

This month, we give the floor to our Disability Ambassador within the Impact Committee at LittleBig Connection: Léa Mosticone. As the Country Manager, Léa is responsible for our disability task force, one of the four working groups driving projects in line with our CSR priorities: the environment, gender equality, disability, and cultural diversity.On a daily basis, she dedicates part of her time and energy to the success of projects focused on the integration of workers with disabilities. For this back-to-school blog post, she reflects on her journey and the motivations that led her to get involved.

I have always been sensitive to the issue of disability. However, a real turning point occurred when I became interested in it within the specific context of the working world. In my final year of studies, I had the opportunity to complete a two-year apprenticeship in recruitment with a mission specifically dedicated to recruiting employees with disabilities. I greatly enjoyed this experience and it allowed me to understand the specificities of this field. In fact, I dedicated my thesis to the recruitment issues of people with disabilities.

Subsequently, I joined LittleBig Connection as the Freelance Community Manager. In this new role, I wanted to apply what I had previously learned to promote support for disability within our company. Inspired by the efforts and commitment of the Impact team, which was beginning to organize, I, along with other motivated colleagues, created a presentation to showcase our ideas on the subject and propose contacts with organizations facilitating the integration of workers with disabilities into the corporate world. Our proposal was well received, and we then obtained approval to proceed further.

We thus created our Disability task force. Our goal is to promote a better understanding and successful integration of disabled workers within our clients. The first step we took was to create a roadmap outlining our objectives, resources, and stakeholders interested in working on this topic.

The second significant and more tangible project concerned the development of our company’s product. We wanted the LittleBig Connection platform to now include a status highlighting talents with disabilities. To achieve this, we conducted a benchmark and argued in favor of this project… and it worked! Our special status has been released, and we will begin its promotion very soon.

On a daily basis, our efforts also involve demystifying disability in the workplace. This includes co-writing a dedicated guide with the Inclusive Tech Access EA so that our sales teams and clients can embrace and promote this topic. Concurrently, our task force is actively working on organizing large-scale events, especially during Disability Week. Through these actions, we aim to raise awareness and engage all stakeholders at LittleBig Connection in the importance of respecting diversity.

The road ahead is certainly still long, but every action counts. It is only by working together, at all levels of the company and with all our partners – clients and suppliers – that we can bring about real change. It’s a constant challenge, but we are proud to be part of it!”