Our little journey towards Big impact #16

A Tech Company’s Journey to Greater Impact

LittleBig Connection awarded for its commitment to sustainable development

We are celebrating a new success at LittleBig Connection! We have recently obtained several major accreditations in recognition of our commitment to sustainable development. Alongside representing a significant milestone in our history, these certifications underscore the importance of our contribution to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Let’s look back at all of our certifications!

This year, Mantu, the group to which LittleBig Connection belongs, received the prestigious SBTI certification, which attests to our alignment with rigorous carbon emissions reduction objectives. This accreditation serves as a benchmark in validating companies’ decarbonization goals and demonstrates our commitment to actively contribute to the fight against climate change.

Furthermore, Mantu has been awarded the gold medal by Ecovadis, an accolade that rewards our sustainable and ethical business practices. This recognition highlights our comprehensive approach to corporate social responsibility and confirms our commitment to sustainability in all operational aspects.

Lastly, LittleBig Connection has obtained several ISO certifications, including ISO 14001 for its environmental management system, ISO 50001 for its energy management system, and ISO 14074 for its carbon footprint measurement methodology. These accreditations emphasize our unwavering commitment to integrating stringent sustainability standards across all our operations and reducing our environmental footprint.


These accreditations further reinforce LittleBig Connection’s position as a major player in the Future of Work, demonstrating our ability to place environmental issues at the heart of our development. They also push us to go even further as we still have much to do to improve our practices as well as those of our stakeholders.