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Supporting women in tech

This month we’re giving the mic to one of our sustainable transition ambassadors at LittleBig Connection: Justine Patouillet. This Account Manager oversees our Women in tech taskforce, one of the four working groups that instill sustainability internally and at all company levels. Daily, she gives her time and energy to carry out projects to strengthen inclusiveness and parity in tech. For this post, she looks back on her experience as a woman in this ecosystem still searching for equality and the reasons that pushed her to get involved.

When I arrived in the tech sector, I was not directly struck by the absence of women. It was only when I discovered the work of Isabelle Collet, who has been working on gender issues in the digital sector for twenty years, that my eyes were opened. She explains that the industry has sometimes been different: men invested in it more massively when it became more critical. From there, new stereotypes around these jobs appeared.

Like her, I don’t believe in natural gender inclinations, such as men being more logical or technically inclined than women. On the contrary, society and education are significant in defining vocations. In addition to this, there is a devaluation of many subjects associated with femininity. For this and many other reasons, we need more parity in tech.

I was one of many who wanted to get involved in this cause. Other women and men at LittleBig Connection also want to move the lines. That’s why we created a task force on the subject, bringing together a dozen people from all departments and all seniorities. First, we wanted to instill an inclusive culture internally through awareness-raising activities such as workshops or activities to promote female profiles.

Then, we wanted to inspire our ecosystem. To do this, we talked to women in the field and organizations that push for more parity. Based on these meetings, we launched Women Connection, a community dedicated to women in tech—a place for mentoring and opportunity sharing to enable everyone to grow professionally. Join the network now and connect with other tech enthusiasts by following our Women Connection LinkedIn group.

We believe that no action is too small to make a difference. And we look forward to showing you this concretely by sharing our progress and our first major projects.

Read more from other taskforce members soon on our blog!