LittleBig Connection’s eco-certified status, connecting you to your CSR ambitions

Do you know that intellectual services have an impact on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)? Indeed, the procurement of intellectual services is a significant strategic lever in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Thus, engaging with responsible and certified consulting firms is a way to decarbonize part of the procurement process. Although the importance placed on reducing carbon footprint is increasing, in reality, implementing actions remains complex. In response to this, LittleBig Connection has aimed to facilitate collaboration between companies and responsible consulting firms through the eco-certified status launched on its platform.

What is meant by “eco-certified” status?

LittleBig Connection’s eco-certified status responds to a growing demand in terms of CSR, offering clients the opportunity to more easily identify consulting firms committed to this approach. This declarative status allows the firm to indicate that it holds at least one of the following environmental certifications or labels: ISO 14001, ISO 5001, ISO 14064, EcoVadis Score higher than 70/100, BCorp Label, or LUCIE 26000 Label. Through this new feature, LittleBig Connection simplifies the search for eco-labeled service providers for client companies, reinforcing its commitment to responsible and sustainable collaboration. Furthermore, this innovation is in line with ongoing actions, such as the development of the Disability status on the platform released at the end of 2023.

Why do responsible intellectual services purchases impact CSR strategy?

Although responsible intellectual services purchases may seem less obvious, they are nevertheless among the main actionable levers in CSR. Indeed, according to the 2024 Sustainable Skills Barometer (EcoLearn, Talent For The Planet), after the specific CSR department, it is the Purchasing and Supply Chain professions that are considered the most priority for the development of sustainable skills (52%). Thus, by choosing providers committed to sustainable and ethical practices, companies accelerate their CSR transformation.

Examples of CSR performance evaluated by eco-labels Eco-labeled providers are selected for their CSR performances, including environmentally friendly practices such as the use of renewable energies, carbon emission reduction, and robust recycling policies. They also commit ethically, socially, and in terms of human rights, by combating discrimination, inequalities, and promoting social inclusion. Specifically, here are the different criteria underlying each standard and label:

  • ISO 14001: defines the Environmental Management System (EMS) as an integral part of the overall management system of an organization. It encompasses the organizational structure, planning, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes, and resources needed to establish, implement, evaluate, and maintain the company’s environmental policy.
  • ISO 5001: is a voluntary international standard from ISO created in 2011. It guides organizations in establishing an effective energy management system to save and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Although not mandatory, it serves as a reference for improving energy efficiency.
  • ISO 14064: The ISO standard on greenhouse gas emissions provides clear requirements and guidelines for reporting and verifying GHG emissions at the organization or project level. It aims to help companies, organizations, and project developers reduce their emissions in a verifiable and transparent manner.
  • EcoVadis Score: is an environmental and social performance indicator for companies. It measures their commitment to sustainable and social aspects: sustainable development, respect for human rights, environmental protection, and business ethics. A score higher than 70/100 means that the company adopts responsible and sustainable practices.
  • BCorp Certification: is awarded to companies that combine profitability with a positive impact on the world. To obtain it, a company must meet strict requirements in terms of social, environmental, and governance responsibility. More than 4,000 companies in 72 countries have obtained this certification, including 310 in France. In conclusion, this evolution of LittleBig Connection demonstrates its commitment to promoting responsible practices to encourage an ethical and sustainable future.

In conclusion, this evolution of LittleBig Connection demonstrates its commitment to promoting responsible purchasing practices to foster an ethical and sustainable future.

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