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Work with the right expert for each project, without making any changes to your organization

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Look at your services from a fresh perspective

Get started quickly with the right expert

Trust our personalized advice to find the expert you need, and access all profiles on the market via a single contractual partner.

Work seamlessly with your non-preferred suppliers

We connect you with all the experts, whether they are freelancers or service providers. Secure contracts in a simple way and bring flexibility to your sourcing.

Benefit from a clear overview
of all your services

Easily manage your projects with a single sharing interface between your service providers and your organization. Visualize all your services directly, ensure the follow-up and traceability of your projects.

For those who want to go a Little further

Get an overview and a long-term vision of your projects with our reporting tools, and improve your purchasing process with our tailor-made consulting services.

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The Little boost
for your BIG projects

We support you with technology…

  • A source-to-pay platform to manage everything in one place
  • A single framework agreement to secure contracts
  • Legal coverage to protect your company

...and humanity

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proven expertise

Since 2013, we have been working with major players in all areas of expertise, from telecoms to retail, energy and insurance. Discover their experience with LittleBIG Connection!

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