How an energy Economic Interest Group transformed its purchasing model

LittleBig Connect

In 2018, our client went through the process of optimizing, restructuring, and securing its purchasing and management model for intellectual services in technical assistance.

This EIG was looking for an alternative sourcing method, as its digital & cloud projects were becoming more complex and had to comply with very strong security constraints related to the confidentiality of the sector.

The group also wanted to secure its intellectual service purchases, optimize its processes, and expedite dealings with its service providers.


Quels étaient les objectifs du déploiement de la solution ?

Open the sourcing process
Gain flexibility, competitiveness, and agility in sourcing rare skills by using the LittleBig Connection marketplace.

Secure purchases
Optimize and secure the Source-to-Pay flow using the platform and protect against economic dependency.

Become more efficient
Empower the operational staff by connecting them directly with the suppliers and delegate management of non-strategic suppliers.

LittleBig Connection has taken up the challenge!

  • RFPs requiring ‘rare’ skills are now published on the LittleBig community to find the right skills at the best price and in the shortest time.
  • All users are trained to use the platform and a workflow for the validation of services has been created.
  • All administrative and legal management is delegated to LittleBig Connection.

And the results are in

Dynamic supplier panel
The marketplace has allowed us to build up a dynamic panel of suppliers (incoming/outgoing every 6 to 12 months) and the EIG has been provided with full reports on suppliers’ performance and suitability.

Centralized services
All non-strategic services are centralized on the LittleBig Connection contract; everything is centralized on a single interface.

3 weeks only to start a project
The average time from tender to service launch has been cut in half (from 6 weeks to 3 weeks).

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