How Faurecia has transformed its purchasing practices


LittleBig Rise

Before implementing LittleBig Connection, the lack of a dedicated tool for managing intellectual services was causing Faurecia’s buyers to waste a lot of time and energy.

Spreadsheets increased the risk of data and history loss, while archiving offers received by email was time consuming.

The validation workflow was also burdened by bureaucratic red tape.

Buyers were spending too much time searching for the right documents and managing different timesheets.

Finally, when the company was audited, it systematically required additional work to reconsolidate data.

“With LittleBig Connection, I was able to control all my departments in France and Spain.

Today, my goal is to install the platform in each of our offices around the world before the end of the year.”

Catherine Harmenil, Head of Procurement at Faurecia.

LittleBig Connection took up the challenge!

  • Overview of all services in real time thanks to the software solution.
  • Streamlined supplier panel and real-time profitability analysis.
  • Simplified and secure validation workflow for increased efficiency.

What were the solution’s objectives?

Centralize services
Consolidate Faurecia’s intellectual services into a single tool to gain a global vision and avoid using multiple tools and tracking files.

Simplify project management

Use a simple tool to manage outsourced projects, from proposals to project follow-up.

Ensure data traceability

Keep track of past projects and easily consolidate data to ensure project traceability.

“We used to lose data and records because of spreadsheets.

In addition, our different spreadsheets did not provide as much detail as we have now with LittleBIG Connection.

We used to try to archive all the offers we received by email, but it was very time consuming.

Now, with the dashboard, we have an overview of all our projects. We don’t have to do anything else.”

And the results are in

4 man-days saved per month.

Responsive decision making

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