How Forvia has transformed its purchasing practices


International roll-out of VMS and Marketplace
LittleBig Rise and LittleBig Connect

Since 2018, FORVIA has chosen LittleBig Connection to develop its purchasing of intellectual services in France, Europe and then internationally. In just a few months, the management of indirect purchases has become more fluid thanks to:

“With LittleBig Connection, I was able to control all my departments in France and Spain.

Today, my goal is to install the platform in each of our offices around the world before the end of the year.”

Catherine, Procurement Manager at Forvia

An old, energy-hungry process.

Time wasted, multiple validation round-trips, risk of data loss: Forvia’s findings were clear. The absence of a global solution dedicated to the management of intellectual services was costing Forvia’s buyers a considerable amount of time and energy.

  • Significant risk of data and history loss due to spreadsheet-based management
  • Recurring and very complex need to reconsolidate data during company audits
  • Time-consuming archiving of offers received by email
  • Validation workflow weighed down by time-consuming administration
  • Significant loss of time searching for the right documents and managing Timesheets

What were the solution’s objectives?

Centralize services
Consolidate Faurecia’s intellectual services into a single tool to gain a global vision and avoid using multiple tools and tracking files.

Simplify project management

Use a simple tool to manage outsourced projects, from proposals to project follow-up.

Ensure data traceability

Keep track of past projects and easily consolidate data to ensure project traceability.

The support offered to FORVIA extended first to France, then to Europe and finally to the rest of the world. The implementation of a VMS platform and access to a Marketplace activated the group’s transformation in just a few months. The fruitful collaboration between FORVIA and LittleBig Connection made it possible to meet and even exceed the objectives defined at the time of the consultation.

“Before, the ergonomics of the spreadsheets meant that we were losing data and historical data. What’s more, our various tables didn’t give us the same level of detail that we now have with LittleBig Connection. We used to try and archive all the offers we received by email, but it was very laborious. Now, thanks to the dashboard, we have a single view of all our projects. We don’t have to do a thing. LittleBig Connection listens and is able to adapt to our specific needs as a customer, particularly when it comes to our international development.

By 2022, more than 850 FORVIA assignments had been registered on LittleBig Connection, with more than 600 active users spread across more than 80 Forvia sites in 10 different countries.

And the results are in

4 man-days saved per month.

Responsive decision making

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