How has LittleBig Connection contributed to bioMérieux’s digital transformation ?

“What I retain from this relationship is the proximity and responsiveness.” Carole Lamberti, Head of Change Management at bioMérieux

Deployed solution :
LittleBig Connect

What were the project's challenges?

Rolling out an international digital transformation project

Qualifying a requirement with a view to publishing a call for tenders

Sourcing a communications and marketing resource

How did the bioMérieux LittleBig Story begin?

Since 2021, LittleBig Connection has been helping bioMérieux, a family-owned company that has become a world leader in in vitro diagnostics, to improve public health worldwide.

Carole Lamberti, Head of Digital Transformation Change Management at bioMérieux, explains in this LittleBig Story how she relied on LittleBig Connection to roll out an international digital transformation project for all bioMérieux users and partners: Digital for all.

“We called on LittleBig Connection at the very beginning of the year because we urgently needed support with the programme’s communications. It was therefore a question of both understanding the scale of the need and proposing a profile that was experienced but capable of being both in the strategy and in the implementation of the communication. ”

“I would highly recommend LittleBig for other needs.”

Carole Lamberti

What support did LittleBig Connection offer to meet your needs?

In order to meet the performance commitments of the LittleBig Connect offer, we set out to source the ideal resource, in the right place, at the right time:

  • A selection of experts within 5 working days
  • A sourcing process via 3 application channels
  • Fluid contractual support

Initially, we worked collaboratively to identify the profile, but then throughout the assignment there was regular professional follow-up to ensure that the profile matched the assignment and that the assignment matched the person.

This support was provided by a dedicated bioMérieux account manager, who was responsible for sourcing the ideal resource for this project.

“I really appreciated all the support provided by LittleBig Connection, particularly in the functional aspects of the evolution of the mission, but also in the administrative aspects. The platform makes it very easy.”

Pierre Mantel - Marketing et Communication Manager | Freelancer

To sum up this story

A successful partnership
“We are delighted with the collaboration we were able to have with Pierre and with LittleBig Connection.”


A satisfied freelancer
“I would really recommend LittleBig Connection to any freelancer or self-employed person, both for the ease, fluidity and quality of the connection and for the quality of the customers.”




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