How Solocal Group redesigned their purchasing

Our solutions :
LittleBig Rise, Connect and intermediary service

The company’s purchasing department was lacking global perspective and buyers were only getting involved at the end of the process to validate the purchase orders. With the tools at their disposal, users did not have accurate visibility on certain aspects, such as the breakdown of services they purchased, the sourcing, the prices charged or the legal aspects.

For a company such as SoLocal Group, it was therefore essential to streamline the processes to ensure broad and efficient sourcing, control legal risks and costs, as well as manage supplier performance

Challenges accepted!

  • Audit of the number of projects, their average rate and the relationship with each provider.
  • The supplier panel was rationalised to retain only the most important ones; non-strategic suppliers were subcontrac-ted via LittleBig Connection.
  • A source-to-pay process was integrated, with a sourcing service for specific needs.

Les résultats

417 000€ saved
daily savings of €15 to €100 per project, which represent in total 417,000€ in 2017.

2 days
order issuance times have been reduced from 4 weeks to 2 days.

to manage all the service providers.

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