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LittleBig Connection makes it simpler, more direct and more transparent.

+25,000 large-company users

Running out of in-house expertise for your strategic projects?

1,2 billion freelancers around the world— a number that has doubled in 10 years

69% of freelancers choose it for the freedom it offers

57% of companies regularly use freelancers

83% of organizations lack internal skills for their projects, limiting their growth

LittleBig Connection is here to find you the best expert, at the right time, in the right place

Step straight into the future of work

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Manage all your intellectual services in one place, without changing the way you work:

LittleBig Connect

A marketplace to quickly find the best experts to complete your teams.

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LittleBig Rise

Sourcing, contracting, tracking, invoicing and reporting: easily track your entire supplier cycle  on a single platform.

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Why choose LittleBig Connection

  • 100% control and visibility
    of all your company’s external services

  • 3 times fewer invoicing errors
    thanks to the digitalization of activity reports 

  • 8% average reduction
    in the daily rates of your providers

  • 30% less management time
    on administrative processes

  • 50% less time
    spent sourcing the best expert

  • 100%
    of type of contracts managed: payroll, umbrella company, transition management, etc.

LittleBig Connection is certified

ISO 27001 : Information Security 

ISO 9001 : Quality management 

Third-party cybersecurity 
risk assessment, 
score 968/1000

Global presence

Collaborate with vendors and affiliates worldwide using a single interface

Change the way you work with experts 

Collaborate in a simpler, more direct and more transparent way