Our Vision

The world of work has been transforming at an incredible speed.

Today, companies must not only adapt to keep pace with change – they have to get ahead of the game.

They need to function as integrated organisations, positioning the best talent at the heart of each project to leverage the right skills at the right time.

And that means working flexibly with all partners, whether they are part of an organization’s team or external suppliers.

Our Mission

We create a direct and transparent link between all companies and stakeholders, big and little, so they can team up more easily than ever before.

Our History


Creation of LittleBig Connection

born from a desire to change the world of work 


International opening of LittleBig Connection

Launched in Canada, Vietnam, Singapore, Tunisia and Mauritius



in the Financial Times 2020 rankings of Europe’s fastest growing companies


in Les Echos Champions of Growth Ranking


in India, Spain, Australia and Belgium





in the United States and Colombia 

Grand Prize

Development & Potential for Growth Grand Prize at the “Sommet des Entreprises de Croissance”

Launch of Unlock

our international talent incubation program for our future Country Openers



in Les Echos Champions of Growth Ranking


in the Décideurs Magazine Growth Leaders Ranking


in Portugal and Brazil




10th anniversary

of ​LittleBig Connection celebrated 




in Switzerland and Belgium

50 countries

of activity

1st edition

of Forward, the Future of Work Summit

LittleBig Connection today

employees worldwide


corporate users


The LittleBig Connection Difference

We trust in the power of people
Openness is our greatest asset
We have the passion to reach higher 

We don’t measure worth in seniority or job titles.

Nothing motivates us more than empowering people, unlocking their potential, and giving them the autonomy they need to be the best version of themselves.

The people who work at LittleBig Connection are given responsibilities quickly, and we are there to support them to succeed in their projects.

This mutual trust implies strong accountability. Everyone at LittleBig Connection is responsible for their own scope and can pitch proposals based on their expertise.

We are a truly open, free-thinking team made up of diverse profiles – and we’re very proud of that.

Our wide range of skills, profiles, and professions ensures we remain agile and cohesive. Our mix of nationalities, cultures and expertise is our strength.

Our openness has made us a frontrunner in our sector and has helped us to expand to multiple countries across the globe.


We make no secret of our ambition.

Our goal is to be the undisputed leader in global-workforce management, with €1 billion in annual revenue by 2025.

To achieve this growth, we know we must be efficient, fast, and good at what we do.

That means getting down to business and not overthinking before launching new strategies. We learn through experience and believe that action is the best way to acquire new knowledge.

However, performance must never come at the cost of responsibility. We have strong foundations in place to ensure our operations respect our people, planet, and partners as we work together to achieve sustainable growth.

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LittleBig Connection is part of Mantu group

Mantu is an independent international consulting player, founded in 2007. Bringing together expert and complementary brands, Mantu stands out for the breadth of its spectrum, responding to all business transformation challenges.Mantu relies on a community of 10,000 talented people in more than 60 countries on 5 continents and has a turnover of 810 million euros.

A wide range of skills, all serving a single mission: connecting and powering companies with leading teams and technology to succeed faster and sustainably.