Artificial Intelligence: How LittleBig Connection is Revolutionizing Collaboration Between Business and Experts

In a constantly evolving professional world, agility and innovation are essential pillars for growth and success. LittleBig Connection, a leading player in the Future of Work, understands this well. That’s why we incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accomplish our mission: to connect large companies with external partners. Discover the behind-the-scenes of our use of AI in video.

In this video, Georgi, our AI Product Manager, sheds light on the real and daily involvement of AI in our product and corporate culture. Far from using AI just to keep up with trends, we integrate added-value AI solutions to strengthen our mission. This includes in particular the development of smart matching systems that streamline the process of connecting companies with external experts.

But LittleBig Connection’s use of AI extends well beyond our product. The integration of this tool is also embodied by a team entirely dedicated to this field, thus underlining that innovation through AI is a fundamental commitment, not just a side project.

For LittleBig Connection, AI is not an end in itself but a powerful means to enrich collaboration between large companies and external experts!