4 key evolution areas of our platform in 2023

Continuous improvement of the interface, new features, integration of artificial intelligence (AI) – the evolutions of our platform have been numerous in 2023 to better meet the needs of our users!

The past year marked a significant milestone in the evolution of Rise, our platform dedicated to the procurement of intellectual services, and Connect, our expertise sourcing solution. Whether you are a user of one, the other, or both, discover the key axes of improvement for our product in 2023.

New Innovations

A Request for Proposal (RFP) Writing Enhanced with AI

At LittleBig Connection, AI is a technology ingrained in our DNA and used daily by our teams. It is also a cornerstone of our product vision: we aim to build a platform powered by AI to enhance efficiency and assist our clients in making increasingly informed decisions.

A concrete advancement? Our Request for proposal (RFP) writing module, currently in beta, will soon be available to all our clients. It generates comprehensive descriptions (project, context, objectives, deliverables, required skills, etc.) from basic user-provided information. This enables operational managers to save time while improving the quality of their RFPs, resulting in more relevant proposals.

“Disability Status” for Inclusive Sourcing

Another significant innovation in 2023: we introduced an “Disability Status” on the occasion of the European Week for Employment of People with Disabilities. The concept? Providers, whether freelancers or consultants within a consulting firm, can now declare their disability status. Clients can then identify this status from the RFP stage, fostering proactive inclusion.

This new feature aligns with our values of inclusion and diversity, solidifying our commitment to supporting the employment of Independent Workers with Disabilities (IWDs).

Numerous User Experience Improvements

Comprehensive Interface Redesign

The first half of 2023 saw a major initiative to redesign the user interface (UI) of the platform. We overhauled the entire visual identity to provide users with a more streamlined, modern, and clear design.

New Homepage

In 2023, we completely revamped the platform’s homepage for operational managers. The objective was to create a comprehensive dashboard, offering better visibility of their projects and actions within the platform.

Updates include a general overview and a section titled “Your Pending Actions”, ensuring users do not miss any new proposals on their RFPs, forget to validate supplier activity reports (CRA), or overlook project renewals. This enhances efficiency in sourcing, monitoring, and managing suppliers.

Enhanced Notification System

A crucial new feature: we began a significant optimization project for on-platform and email notifications, aiming to guide users in utilizing the solution effectively, e.g., in submitting and validating activity reports. Additionally, we are working to provide users with the ability to personalize their experience by selecting preferred notifications. The goal is clear: to consistently deliver the right information, to the right person, at the right time, with the right message.

Advancements in Internationalization

New Language Availability

Internationalization of intellectual services procurement is a major concern for our clients, and thus, a significant focus in our platform’s development. Our objective is simple: facilitate project management globally for increasingly global businesses.

In 2023, we enhanced platform accessibility to our users in Asia by adding two key languages, Japanese and Mandarin, and adapting our billing system.

Adapting to Local Work Organization Specifics

Another update: our activity report module now allows clients and their suppliers to manage weekend work activities. This update aligns with adapting to local specifics, for example, in India where it is common for suppliers to work outside European standard office hours.

Platform Security Enhancement

Improvement of Two-Factor Authentication

In response to the AI revolution and the exponential growth in data exploitation, we prioritize platform security. We notably improved our multi-factor authentication (MFA) system with the assistance of a specialized partner. We implemented standards comparable to those in the banking industry for platform access to ensure total client security.

Renewed Security Certifications

The importance we place on cybersecurity is crucial in maintaining the trust relationship with our users. We aim to demonstrate our diligence in information security. For three years running, we have effortlessly obtained ISO 27001 certification, the world’s most renowned standard for information security management systems. Moreover, we acquired ISO 9001 certification, demonstrating the robustness of our quality management system, and achieved an excellent score of 968/1000 in the Cyber Vadis evaluation.


In conclusion, our commitment to transparency is at the heart of our approach. Visit our help center, product news, and of course, our blog, to stay updated on all the upcoming evolutions of our platform in 2024.

We also extend warm thanks to all the users who provided constructive feedback this year. It is through their invaluable input that we continuously improve the platform to better meet their operational and strategic needs. Are you a user yourself and wish to provide feedback? Become a beta tester!