2023, a year of commitment for LittleBig Connection

As we embark on a new year, we are proud to present a concise summary of our sustainability actions for 2023. Our commitment to a more sustainable future continues to guide our company in a positive direction, focusing on three essential pillars: environmental, social, and economic.

#1 Environmental Dimension

During 2023, we made significant progress in our environmental commitment:

SBTi-Validated Decarbonization Goals

We achieved a crucial milestone by obtaining validation for our decarbonization goals in accordance with the standards of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). This demonstrates our commitment to significantly reduce carbon emissions, aiming for Net Zero by 2050.

Ecovadis Gold Medal

For the third consecutive year, we are thrilled to receive the Ecovadis gold medal, attesting to our ongoing commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices. In 2023, we improved our score to 73/100, positioning us among the top 3% of the most engaged companies in our sector.

Carbon Brainprint Calculator for Intellectual Services

To precisely estimate carbon emissions related to our intellectual services, we developed a carbon calculator named “Carbon Brainprint.” This tool helps our clients better understand the carbon footprint of consultants and freelancers working on their projects and take measures to reduce it.

Responsible Digital Awareness

We raised awareness among 100% of our employees regarding responsible digital practices, utilizing the online Escape Game format from our partner The Wokies for a fun and participative experience.

#2 Social Dimension

Our commitment to the social dimension of sustainable development was also at the core of our actions in 2023:

Integration of Disability Status

We added a “Disability Status” to our platform to support consultants and freelancers with disabilities in their mission searches, promoting inclusion and diversity. In collaboration with our partner Acces Inclusive Tech, we authored a guide on integrating disability into intellectual services procurement to empower clients in their inclusive purchases.

Gender Parity in Tech

Proudly boasting 50% women in our leadership instances, we remain determined to promote gender parity at all levels of our organization and throughout our ecosystem. In partnership with the NGO SISTA, we published a white paper on the challenge of gender parity in the Tech industry.

#3 Economic Dimension

Economically, we expanded our offerings to support clients in sustainable transformation projects:

Launch of Connect for Good

2023 marked the launch of the Connect for Good initiative to assist clients in sustainable transformation projects: CSR Strategy; Climate; Responsible Purchasing; Responsible Digital; CSRD; Environmental Engineering, etc. In 2023, we supported over 40 clients on these issues, generating a “positive impact revenue” of over 3 million euros. Our community of over 3000 dedicated experts, both in France and internationally, continues to grow.

Sustainable Skills Workshop

To help clients identify the skills needed to accelerate their sustainable transformation, we created the “Sustainable Skills Workshop” a 2 to 3-hour session visualizing how to build competent teams aligned with sustainability challenges.

Thanks to our teams, clients, and community of partners and experts who contributed to these achievements. We look forward to continuing our actions in 2024, aware of the significant journey ahead to accelerate the necessary ecological transition of organizations.