Our little journey towards Big impact #18

A Tech Company’s Journey to Greater Impact

How we hosted a team-building event around sustainability with LittleBiggers around the world

We live in a world of perpetual digital transformation, but do we take the time to understand the implications of our actions? To raise awareness about this issue, LittleBig Connection chose to adopt a new, playful and educational concept: the “Responsible Digital” Serious Escape Game created by The Wokies. 

An innovative collaborative game

To bring together the LittleBiggers at the end of the year, we wanted to organize an activity that combined usefulness with enjoyment. That’s why we chose an Escape Game aimed at solving the major digital challenges of our planet. Addressing both an audience sensitized to environmental issues and newcomers, the “Digital Responsability” Serious Escape Game aims to trigger a collective awareness of the impacts of the digital world.

Designed for teams of three to five people, the game relies on collaboration. With an unlimited number of teams able to play simultaneously, each player becomes a pillar of the mission, with a unique screen in hand, providing crucial information to progress in the adventure. This format was perfect for our structure, as our teams are spread around the world.

A supervised and dynamic experience

Guided by Game Masters, also known as anim’actors, the teams face five challenges, each lasting twelve minutes. After an initial ten-minute briefing to immerse themselves in the game’s universe, an intense hour of play begins. It’s a race against time for our LittleBiggers, with the ultimate goal of reversing the trend and reducing our footprint on Earth, particularly through digital sobriety.

What is the purpose of this Serious Game?

The final debrief, after announcing the results, is a moment for exchange and reflection. The purpose of this Serious Game is not only to raise awareness but also to encourage real changes in our daily behaviors regarding technology and its responsible use.

Our LittleBiggers seem to have particularly enjoyed this experience. Their feedback highlights the enjoyable format, the opportunity to play with other colleagues they are not accustomed to interacting with, and the lessons they take away from this game.

There is no Planet B; this Escape Game reminds us of this with commitment and interactivity. So, if you also want to raise awareness in your company about the impact of our digital actions, do not hesitate to contact us to book an experience!