Our little journey towards Big impact #14

A Tech Company’s Journey to Greater Impact


Connect for Good celebrates its first year: the report

#1 The origins of Connect for Good

Since its creation in 2012, LittleBig Connection has been firmly committed to changing the world of work. And to continue to build the world of work of tomorrow, we can no longer ignore issues of diversity, inclusion, and environmental innovation. To respond to this urgent call and to our clients’ requests, we have therefore developed an offer to more broadly support companies in their sustainable transition.

We did not want to make Connect for Good an isolated project, but rather an offer consistent with our broader vision of being an impact company. Therefore, we have trained our sales teams to optimally support our clients on social and environmental issues as well as their needs for sustainable skills.

#2 The first findings… and our responses

The deployment of Connect for Good has confirmed a real interest on the part of our clients in sustainability issues. Many companies have now become aware of environmental and societal challenges but they face numerous challenges to commit to a sustainable transition. This is expressed in particular by difficulties in clearly identifying their current needs in terms of sustainable skills.

Our response to this need for support has been materialized by the development of a strategic process:

  1. Evaluation of client needs via an evaluation questionnaire and/or our “Sustainable Skills Workshop”
  2. Support in defining and writing their mission sheet
  3. Sourcing and pre-qualification of experts
  4. Continuous monitoring of the mission and measuring the impact at the end of each mission

#3 Our first successes

Our community of experts, with over 3000 consultants and freelancers, has already enabled the completion of around fifty projects focused, for example, on decarbonization issues or extra-financial reporting. Large companies, like Auchan, benefit from our expertise to deploy tools centered on decarbonization. But also smaller companies, like the investment fund Vespa Capital, which has brilliantly structured its ESG reporting thanks to our experts. And this is just the beginning!