Our little journey towards Big impact #10

A Tech Company’s Journey to Greater Impact

Supporting the environment

This month, we give the pen to one of LittleBig Connection’s ambassadors of sustainable transition: Vanessa Dartagnan. This Senior Account Manager oversees our Environment taskforce, one of the four working groups that drive sustainability internally and at all company levels. Daily, she gives her time and energy to bring projects to fruition around the environmental cause. In this post, she reflects on her gradual awareness of climate issues and the reasons for getting involved.

From an early age, I felt that there was work to be done regarding environmental impact to preserve our beautiful Earth and living things.

My paternal grandmother often told me about the Ifremer conferences she attended and showed me the world’s beauty through the broadcasts and photographs of Yann Arthus-Bertrand. At the time, my grandmother was already expressing a particular urgency on the subject, which didn’t fail to frighten me. But I was too young. I wasn’t responsible for what would happen. Although she was much older, she was either far ahead of us or incredibly clear-sighted about the direction the world was taking and the actions we would have to take for future generations.

Then the years went by, and the time finally came to choose a course of study. At that time, I didn’t turn to impact. Maybe because it wasn’t a career path that people were talking about, or even thinking about, until recently.

So, I started my professional career in another field. I then took my first steps at LittleBig Connection as Account Manager and Senior Account Manager. I was immediately drawn to the meaning of my work. I would support the Future of Work, the extended enterprise—a profound transformation for companies.

As one profound change does not prevent another, a little voice inside me told me to find a way to act on my scale. I wanted to combine the two without denying one side.

That’s why I wanted to instigate change within my company. Indeed, when we consider the current environmental challenge in our daily lives, whether we take part in the Fresque du Climat or are sensitive to this vital cause for all, we don’t want to wait for the public authorities to take up the subject, we look for solutions to implement right now. And if it’s possible to act on a personal scale, we can go even further by joining forces. And the timing was perfect: I wasn’t the only LittleBigger sensitive to the environmental cause.

Together with other motivated employees, we created the Impact Committee. As we all spend most of our time at work, it is evident that the company represents an ideal place to act and make a real impact. Mainly ours, whose mission is to connect people, means the perfect breeding ground for the seed of change we wanted to plant. Indeed, if we manage to provoke action internally, we’ll also be able to create it with our customers and partners. This was our starting point.

Once the impact committee had been set up, the Environment taskforce created, and the team assembled, many questions arose: What to do? Where to start? How to act when the subject can be frightening?

Therefore, Our first projects focused on raising awareness without resorting to moralizing. Above all, we want to encourage people to act and deflect the fear and powerlessness they may feel in the face of the titanic burdens of climate change.

To achieve this, we carried out an internal audit to determine the areas in which we could make positive changes: our travel, the use of our premises, our purchasing…

For this second year, we aim to make people understand in a fun way: in addition to the guides and team meeting activities we provide, we wanted to set up an internal challenge to be carried out as a team on Earth Day. The aim was to accumulate small actions that would earn points, such as going to the office by soft means of transport, unplugging your charger, and using reusable water bottles rather than buying plastic ones.

Using the game principle, we got LittleBig Connection employees to act without feeling like they were doing so. We’ve shown them possibilities other than those they use daily, and that’s only the beginning! Each year, voluntarily, we want to continue to impact different aspects. Because every little action counts and can influence others and the Earth.

We can never blame ourselves for not trying! 😊