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Destination: Asia. “Become the APAC hub for IT”

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Starting a Business: Overcoming Setbacks

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Starting A Business, A Real Adventure – Part II

How many of us are searching for meaning in our jobs, in our lives?… Read more >

Starting a Business, A Real Adventure – Part I

How many of us are searching for meaning in our jobs, in our lives?… Read more >

France Digitale Day 2018

The ‘France Digitale’ Day took place on 25 September at the Musée des Arts… Read more >

Choosing The Right Tools For Purchasing Intellectual Services

Managing intellectual services purchasing and project outsourcing is no walk in the park. Luckily,… Read more >

The Future of Work viewed by our CEO Julien Clouet

Not a day goes by without hearing about the emergence of Future of Work, robotics, mass... Read more >

Grand Prix Des Chefs D’entreprise : LittleBIG Connection Awarded Innovation Prize

The 2018 Grand Prix des Chefs d’Entreprise* took place on June 13th 2018 at… Read more >

LittleBIG Connection – Prizewinner At Growth Companies Prize 2018

LittleBIG Connection, represented by Jean-Rémy Jacono (COO) and Maxime Serniclay (Business Developer) took part… Read more >

How Can Digitization Give Back Power To Purchasing Departments?

The main challenge? Being able to manage purchasing effectively in view of evolutions in… Read more >

How can large companies appeal to Millennials?

Also known as ‘Generation Y’, Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) are slowly taking… Read more >

Top Of Their Game – LittleBIG Connection Selected For Prestigious Speed-Networking Event

On the 10th February last year, AFEP* organized “Le Top”, a prestigious speed-networking event… Read more >