How our client optimised
their purchasing strategy

15% cost savings on intellectual services

Starting with a BIG challenge

Our client from the luxury industry was struggling to find the right experts for each project, and lacked visibility on the available talents. Some outsourced projects were too expensive because of the different levels of intermediation; and the legal risks related to these contracts had to be mitigated.

With BIG objectives

Improve the sourcing strategy
Secure our client's legal agreements
Cut costs

Challenges accepted by our teams

  • Implementation of the platform for advisors & buyers
  • Autonomous creation and publication of requests for proposals by the company’s buyers
  • Control of the service provider’s legal documents and validation of the mission with the service providers.

For BIG results

15% savings per project, on average
LittleBIG Connection committed itself and was able to suggest experts with rates on average 15% cheaper than the referenced providers.

80% of RFPs answered
Opening our client’s panel to the LittleBIG community has resulted in proposals for over 80% of RFPs.

secured contracts
LittleBIG Connection has reduced the risk of contract re-qualification and wrongful trading. All the legal documentation of the providers is checked.